Saturday, 25 February 2012

Girls night, a fun night was had by all haha

Oh what a night! Haha

Nearly 3 weeks of not drinking and then a girl’s night last night, what a great time.

The first double vodka redbull at home went down very easily and before I knew…I was on my 3rd or possibly 4th haha.

Uni work has pretty much consumed my life over the last few weeks and I’ve been a good girl not going out etc so it was really nice to just forget about uni for a night and have a good time with my friends.

I’m not actually sure what I’m doing awake and up as though I haven’t been drinking because I only got to bed about 5:30am…I think…the night started off with drinks at home and then headed out, then after the bar we came back to the house, carried out drinking, did a little sing star and generally had a good time haha.  I think if someone else would have stayed up with her, my friend wokuld still be up drinking now! Haha.

Just a few pics of the night, sadly no video like a few months ago haha:

Maybe I should shame my friends and I and make the video common knowledge and on public display haha....

A little bit of fun nothing more than that, we're under no illusion that we can't sing and that we are dancing like fools.  I'm sure there will be some sour faced people out there ready to criticise but it's called fun haha.

I'm warming up my vocal chords Neil haha:

Hope everyone is having a good weekend so far.

Caite :-) xo

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