Friday, 23 March 2012

Laying heavy on my heart...

Damn you Sport Relief!!

Well not really…but damn you for making me cry tonight.

Like Children in Need and Comic Relief and other charities here in the UK, Sport Relief is another worthwhile charity. It involves lots of “celebrities” in the UK raising money to help people living extremely tough lives in the UK and the world’s poorest countries and raise awareness about the situations and lives of others.

The money raised goes towards helping the UK’s most disadvantaged communities or helping people who have poor mental or physical health or helping children who live on the street and providing vaccinations which can save the lives of people especially children across the world.
The show that is on TV is a fund-raising event where UK celebrities do a number of different things to raise awareness and to raise money for the charity. It also shows video footage showing how the money helps communities and the dangers that children face and the serious health problems that children in the world’s poorest communities face.

These videos are what devastate me! These are the images and video footage that break my heart and have me in tears.  Its frustration and a feeling of helplessness that makes me break down in tears.  It is things like this that have spurred me on to make a promise to myself that I will spend time with organisations working with communities like the ones Sport Relief help, communities that have been affected by famine, war and natural disaster in order for them to take back their independence and be able to protect themselves from things such as life threatening diseases.

These videos are very hard to watch these are just two of the ones that were shown on TV tonight about projects and communities that Sport Relief is looking to help: - PLEASE NOTE THESE VIDEOS ARE VERY DISTRESSING...

There are so many situations that people from all walks of life experience which affect or even devastate their lives in some way, but being so child focused in the job that I do and what my parents do it breaks my heart to learn about so many children who lose their lives due to things that are preventable if a simple vaccine is available.  We all have our problems in life but seeing a mother and/or father lose their child in such tragic circumstances puts things into perspective for me personally.  I have been watching the show tonight and have seen a number of the videos shown and the heart break I feel and the tears that have fallen down my face tonight is nothing in comparison because I can't begin to imagine the situations these people are faced with every day. 

This is something that really rests heavy on my heart...and they make me want to do all I can no matter how big or small to help other people.  I don't do things to "look good", I do things because I know I am a privileged girl and I am thankful for how lucky I am...I have the opportunities and ability to help doing the work I want to do in countries that are severely affected...I hope I can make even the smallest of difference.

Until the summer months where this is going to be possible for me to do, one of the things that Sport Relief is doing is “The Mile”…on Sunday people can run a mile, three miles or six miles to raise money for Sport Relief.  On Sunday I will be running in this event…I have opted for the six mile run. I have sponsor promises totalling over £400 for the event with my parents (my mum, step dad, dad and step mum) making a commitment to me that they will match whatever sponsorship I can raise.  I feel very privileged that I have a family that are able to do that and that they recognise my desire to raise money for charities.  Six miles is the least I can do to try and make even the smallest of difference to the lives of others.

Wish me luck as I run the six miles this weekend...

Caite xo

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Ready to sleep in ...

Soooooo tired.

I can’t believe it is Thursday night!  The week has gone by so quick…and the weekend is almost here!  

I’m ready to sleep in…roll on Saturday morning when I know I don’t have to set an alarm and can roll out of bed whenever I choose to.

Things have been crazy busy with a couple of family problems including a family member take ill.  That caused a lot of stress and worry for the family but thankfully they are getting better which makes me happy and a little less stressed and worried.

I have also been doing uni work as always and also working.  I work on a part time / ad-hoc basis, the work I do is with children that have been seriously neglected and/or abused or within the Care system.  I do a number of different things like supervising the contact between children in care and their parents or family members; I do life story work for children who are being placed for adoption, some direct work with children about their wishes and feelings about things that have or are happening in their lives and a few other things within that area of work.  I absolutely love the work that I do.

I have grown up knowing about children in care, foster placements etc because my dad and step mum not only have their own business but they are also foster carers/parents.  They have been foster carers for as long as I can remember them being together really.  I am mum and dad’s only biological child, my step mum couldn’t have children of her own and so my dad and step mum decided that they wanted to be foster parents.

I have always known children in their home and although I don’t live near them I am still very much a part of the whole “foster family”.  The children that live with them right now have been there in long term foster placements for a few years now, a boy and a girl and they look to me as an older sister.  I make sure without fail that I call them 2-3 times a week, email them and send them a little care package through the mail.  The package might have silly little things in them that I see as I’m in the mall or supermarket that I think they might like or they may be something a little more meaningful.  It is important to me to make sure the children know that someone is thinking of them, someone else thinks they’re special and that someone else cares about them.
The children I work with are from seriously deprived backgrounds and have been subject to serious neglect and abuse, and sitting down with the children is a way of letting them know that people care about them, that they have a voice and people want to hear it.

I have been spending a few more days at work recently which I love doing, but that, uni, swimming, and of course my usual socialising (which has increased a fair bit recently haha) 

I have been running on empty for a little while now and need a day of sleeping in and just relaxing…and I can’t wait…

I pretty much fell asleep for 5 minutes with my laptop on my knee, head flopped back…I think it’s time to sign off for tonight…hopefully I’ll have the energy to write more often than once a week.

Hope everyone’s week is going well and people have a good weekend planned! :-)

Caite xo

Sunday, 11 March 2012

If music be the food of love, play on...

I have many loves in my life…no no I'm not talking about men before you think it haha...but loves that are important in my life…such as...
One of my major loves is music!! I know that everyone probably says they love music but it truly is one of the great loves in my life.  I am not one of those people that has to go for the really obscure styles of music in order to say I love music.  I’m the kind of person that usually likes a song regardless of who it is by, whether it’s cool to like that band or singer, whether it’s cheesy pop music or something a little bit heavier.

I listen to music whenever it is possible…it’s on in the car on every trip I do, even if it’s just a 5 minute car journey…when I’m walking around the supermarket I plug the headphones into my phone and away I go into my own world and listen to music…when I’m cleaning or even cooking in the house I’ll have music playing either through my computer or again through my phone or ipod…heck, I’m even listening to music now as I write this.
For me music serves so many purposes in my life…keeping me sane in the supermarket when it’s crazy busy haha, stopping boredom kicking in when I’m driving somewhere (which usually involves me singing and dancing away in the car and I get some strange looks that’s for sure)…I love music for lyrics, there’s always a song that describes how I’m feeling, whether it’s about a certain situation, a certain mood or emotion or even just something that makes me want to dance.

Although I love music for all the different reasons I love it when the songs are representative of how I’m feeling the most, describing the feelings I have.  I usually have a song at the end of my blogs which are usually indicative of how I’m feeling, the last song I posted being one of those.  

I’m a girl who pretty much wears her heart on her sleeve; it’s easy to see my mood and emotions because I am a sensitive person. I agree with friends that say I’m pretty much transparent and it’s near on impossible for me to hide my feelings whether they are happy ones or ones of hurt or disappointment.  Some people may see this as a weakness but for me it’s a strength of mine because it means you’ll always know what you get with me, no pretence, no games about what’s bothering me or how I’m feeling etc.  My friends have commented that the CD or Ipod playlist in my car gives an idea of how I’m feeling.  I use music to express the things I sometimes to put into my own words.

I have no idea if I’ve made any sense which this post but music and how I use it has been on my mind for a while and thought I would try and make some sense of it.  I guess what I’m saying is I love how I’m able to express my feelings through music and without it I might go a little bit insane haha.

I'm going to do the same as I normally do and finish my blog with a song, I love this song, if for no other reason than I can only ever remember the first two lines when I'm singing the song on it's own and it drives my friend insane haha 

Ed Sheeran - Lego House (Yes the guy in the video is from Harry Potter - Ed Sheeran features at the very end of the video in the green hoodie - the likeness is pretty scary haha)

Have a good weekend.

Caite xo

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Now you're just somebody that I used to know.....

Today has been clearing out day for me.
Every so often I have a big spring clean and go through my clothes and decide that if I haven’t worn an item in 6 months it gets put in a bag with a bunch of other stuff and gets taken to our local charity shop for them to sell.

People who know me know of my ambition to do some work with the Red Cross in areas that have been affected by famine, natural disaster and war, but the saying goes “charity begins at home” and so I take my donations to the local charity shops.  I have a couple of charity organisations that I always donate to, ones that are close to my heart and mean something to me.

Tonight I managed to fill a huge black bin liner of clothes, scarves and accessories…the clothes were a mixture of every day shirts that cost just a few pounds to items that cost me a little bit more to some that were pure indulgence treats.  I have in the past, and even tonight I think, even put clothes in the bag with tags still on them.  That might make me sound like a bit of a spoilt brat that I have clothes that I haven’t even worn but that’s definitely not the case…I buy clothes a lot of the time without trying them on in the store.  I hate it, it’s such a hassle for me and so I buy things my size and when I get home they’ve maybe not fitted properly or just not looked right and I haven’t got the receipt when it came to taking it back or I’ve left it too late to take it back and I’m stuck with it.  So, to me the best thing is for me to donate them and for them to get the most out of them.

Just a few clothes...(this is not my picture just an example of what I looked like earlier haha)

I do feel better once my wardrobe and drawers have been cleared out, it makes me feel like my room is less cluttered and is almost a de-stressing mechanism.  So tomorrow is the day to drop off the bag…I always wonder if I’m going to see someone in the street walking past me wearing my clothes haha.

As I like to leave a music video on here at the end of my blog, I'm leaving one of a song I really like...I didn't like it to start with but now I've listened to the words and listening to the music properly, I love it.

Caite xo

Monday, 5 March 2012

The weekend that was and doing the hump...

Today I’ve been feeling a little under the weather…I think it was probably the after effects of the weekend’s festivities…but I have been so tired today so I’ve kind of taken it easy today.  I figure it’s about time I allowed myself a lazy day.  When I say lazy I mean not going swimming and not making it into the uni library…I have been working on a uni assignment for a lot of the day although I did allow myself a nap this afternoon haha.

The weekend was fantastic, a lot of drinking, dancing, funny conversations and people watching…thankfully no snow like there was a month ago which meant we paid the normal cab fare this time (about £12) instead of offering the taxi driver £40 to get us home during the snow night out (I think that blog entry is on my old blog I’ll have to dig it out and post it as a past entry for this paragraph to make sense haha).

There were double vodkas, wine, vodka shots, apple sour shots, cheesecake that I don’t remember eating, all I remember is the clay dish and the whipped cream it came with haha…I sound like a mega drunk right now but I assure you I’m not…I’m a student who likes to let her hair down every so often.  There was a period of time where I didn’t go out at all because of the uni stuff I had to do but it was friends birthdays the last couple of times and…well…we just celebrated like we normally do haha.

Below are pics of the night and some of the best friends a girl can ask for:

The furthest I went was the supermarket with my friend today...which led to the people in the car next to us laughing so hard at us when we were waiting at the traffic lights.  We were listening to music, dancing and "doing the hump" while laughing at ourselves...we got really into it being silly and having's only when we looked to our right we saw people having a laugh at our expense too. You may have seen the video in a previous blog post me and two of my house mates did a little while but oh do I wish we had recorded us doing the "hump".

So I'm going to finish the blog post off with a video of the song we were dancing to in the car and you can see what the hump is from the video haha.