Friday, 23 March 2012

Laying heavy on my heart...

Damn you Sport Relief!!

Well not really…but damn you for making me cry tonight.

Like Children in Need and Comic Relief and other charities here in the UK, Sport Relief is another worthwhile charity. It involves lots of “celebrities” in the UK raising money to help people living extremely tough lives in the UK and the world’s poorest countries and raise awareness about the situations and lives of others.

The money raised goes towards helping the UK’s most disadvantaged communities or helping people who have poor mental or physical health or helping children who live on the street and providing vaccinations which can save the lives of people especially children across the world.
The show that is on TV is a fund-raising event where UK celebrities do a number of different things to raise awareness and to raise money for the charity. It also shows video footage showing how the money helps communities and the dangers that children face and the serious health problems that children in the world’s poorest communities face.

These videos are what devastate me! These are the images and video footage that break my heart and have me in tears.  Its frustration and a feeling of helplessness that makes me break down in tears.  It is things like this that have spurred me on to make a promise to myself that I will spend time with organisations working with communities like the ones Sport Relief help, communities that have been affected by famine, war and natural disaster in order for them to take back their independence and be able to protect themselves from things such as life threatening diseases.

These videos are very hard to watch these are just two of the ones that were shown on TV tonight about projects and communities that Sport Relief is looking to help: - PLEASE NOTE THESE VIDEOS ARE VERY DISTRESSING...

There are so many situations that people from all walks of life experience which affect or even devastate their lives in some way, but being so child focused in the job that I do and what my parents do it breaks my heart to learn about so many children who lose their lives due to things that are preventable if a simple vaccine is available.  We all have our problems in life but seeing a mother and/or father lose their child in such tragic circumstances puts things into perspective for me personally.  I have been watching the show tonight and have seen a number of the videos shown and the heart break I feel and the tears that have fallen down my face tonight is nothing in comparison because I can't begin to imagine the situations these people are faced with every day. 

This is something that really rests heavy on my heart...and they make me want to do all I can no matter how big or small to help other people.  I don't do things to "look good", I do things because I know I am a privileged girl and I am thankful for how lucky I am...I have the opportunities and ability to help doing the work I want to do in countries that are severely affected...I hope I can make even the smallest of difference.

Until the summer months where this is going to be possible for me to do, one of the things that Sport Relief is doing is “The Mile”…on Sunday people can run a mile, three miles or six miles to raise money for Sport Relief.  On Sunday I will be running in this event…I have opted for the six mile run. I have sponsor promises totalling over £400 for the event with my parents (my mum, step dad, dad and step mum) making a commitment to me that they will match whatever sponsorship I can raise.  I feel very privileged that I have a family that are able to do that and that they recognise my desire to raise money for charities.  Six miles is the least I can do to try and make even the smallest of difference to the lives of others.

Wish me luck as I run the six miles this weekend...

Caite xo


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