Thursday, 22 March 2012

Ready to sleep in ...

Soooooo tired.

I can’t believe it is Thursday night!  The week has gone by so quick…and the weekend is almost here!  

I’m ready to sleep in…roll on Saturday morning when I know I don’t have to set an alarm and can roll out of bed whenever I choose to.

Things have been crazy busy with a couple of family problems including a family member take ill.  That caused a lot of stress and worry for the family but thankfully they are getting better which makes me happy and a little less stressed and worried.

I have also been doing uni work as always and also working.  I work on a part time / ad-hoc basis, the work I do is with children that have been seriously neglected and/or abused or within the Care system.  I do a number of different things like supervising the contact between children in care and their parents or family members; I do life story work for children who are being placed for adoption, some direct work with children about their wishes and feelings about things that have or are happening in their lives and a few other things within that area of work.  I absolutely love the work that I do.

I have grown up knowing about children in care, foster placements etc because my dad and step mum not only have their own business but they are also foster carers/parents.  They have been foster carers for as long as I can remember them being together really.  I am mum and dad’s only biological child, my step mum couldn’t have children of her own and so my dad and step mum decided that they wanted to be foster parents.

I have always known children in their home and although I don’t live near them I am still very much a part of the whole “foster family”.  The children that live with them right now have been there in long term foster placements for a few years now, a boy and a girl and they look to me as an older sister.  I make sure without fail that I call them 2-3 times a week, email them and send them a little care package through the mail.  The package might have silly little things in them that I see as I’m in the mall or supermarket that I think they might like or they may be something a little more meaningful.  It is important to me to make sure the children know that someone is thinking of them, someone else thinks they’re special and that someone else cares about them.
The children I work with are from seriously deprived backgrounds and have been subject to serious neglect and abuse, and sitting down with the children is a way of letting them know that people care about them, that they have a voice and people want to hear it.

I have been spending a few more days at work recently which I love doing, but that, uni, swimming, and of course my usual socialising (which has increased a fair bit recently haha) 

I have been running on empty for a little while now and need a day of sleeping in and just relaxing…and I can’t wait…

I pretty much fell asleep for 5 minutes with my laptop on my knee, head flopped back…I think it’s time to sign off for tonight…hopefully I’ll have the energy to write more often than once a week.

Hope everyone’s week is going well and people have a good weekend planned! :-)

Caite xo

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  1. Hi I am following you now via the Fridy blog hop (early)

    I do know that what you do can be very tiring. We now raise our grandson after being his Kinship caregiver for a little under a year.

    Take care and hope you can stop by my blog and follow me too.