Monday, 5 March 2012

The weekend that was and doing the hump...

Today I’ve been feeling a little under the weather…I think it was probably the after effects of the weekend’s festivities…but I have been so tired today so I’ve kind of taken it easy today.  I figure it’s about time I allowed myself a lazy day.  When I say lazy I mean not going swimming and not making it into the uni library…I have been working on a uni assignment for a lot of the day although I did allow myself a nap this afternoon haha.

The weekend was fantastic, a lot of drinking, dancing, funny conversations and people watching…thankfully no snow like there was a month ago which meant we paid the normal cab fare this time (about £12) instead of offering the taxi driver £40 to get us home during the snow night out (I think that blog entry is on my old blog I’ll have to dig it out and post it as a past entry for this paragraph to make sense haha).

There were double vodkas, wine, vodka shots, apple sour shots, cheesecake that I don’t remember eating, all I remember is the clay dish and the whipped cream it came with haha…I sound like a mega drunk right now but I assure you I’m not…I’m a student who likes to let her hair down every so often.  There was a period of time where I didn’t go out at all because of the uni stuff I had to do but it was friends birthdays the last couple of times and…well…we just celebrated like we normally do haha.

Below are pics of the night and some of the best friends a girl can ask for:

The furthest I went was the supermarket with my friend today...which led to the people in the car next to us laughing so hard at us when we were waiting at the traffic lights.  We were listening to music, dancing and "doing the hump" while laughing at ourselves...we got really into it being silly and having's only when we looked to our right we saw people having a laugh at our expense too. You may have seen the video in a previous blog post me and two of my house mates did a little while but oh do I wish we had recorded us doing the "hump".

So I'm going to finish the blog post off with a video of the song we were dancing to in the car and you can see what the hump is from the video haha.


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  3. You look like you had an awesome time. I"m also blog hopping!