Monday, 9 April 2012

Great Fun - I have the war wounds to prove it :-)

Wow does it ever feel great to be home.  I love having a good time but there is nothing quite like the comforts of your own home.  After 3 days of having my ass kicked by a great city (and an ass kicking that was very much welcomed haha), it feels so nice to be in comfy sweats and a hoodie, not a scrap of make up on and cosily curled up on the sofa.

I had such a fun weekend with the girls…the city was very busy this weekend and we walked out of the car park straight into our hotel lobby and were greeted by the Stag Party that had checked in just a few minutes before. Usually parties like that are full of annoying men but this party were friendly and there was some good banter with them.  It seemed like everywhere we turned we bumped into them…and they recognised us every single time no matter what time of day or night it was…we saw them in the lift, as we were walking to the lift, walking out of the hotel, in the street, in the bars…every time we were greeted with “giiiiiiiiiirls, how you doing?”.


We found a great little bar that we started at on the Friday that was in studentville but so good…relaxed, music, great food, good drinks, cocktails, shooters…aaaaand a guy who had just started working there…it was his first day, he was very nervous and we threw literally all kinds of orders at him haha and tested his ability haha…he didn’t get one of our drinks or meals wrong…as my friend said I’d rather he ask me 10 times and get the order right than guess and get it wrong…we will be going to that bar again for sure.
I have never eaten so many cooked breakfasts in all my life…but I think I was still a little drunk on the Saturday and was eating breakfast in a bar that day…and having a vodka and diet coke with it at about 10:30am…so much bacon, sausage, mushrooms and hash browns…haha. I'm going to be working out extra hard throughout the week this week haha.

Saturday came and went as well…and I was in a bar Saturday night and boy was I shaking my ass dancing away…there is video evidence somewhere of me and Chloe doing the dance in the video below haha:

There were certain bars / places to avoid throughout the weekend which we definitely did…I know it was Easter weekend but there were a lot of bunnies…and we all know that foxes kill bunnies…haha…however it didn’t stop us having a great time, meeting and seeing some fun and great people around…some of us are little more subtle at these things.  There were a lot of wannabe’s around…try hards…and all that crap…I have never heard my friends really speak bad about people before…but even they were laughing at a couple of people…I mean…when you’re people watching there are times when you feel embarrassed for them…you want to say to them…don’t go overboard and you’ll get the attention you’re desperately craving haha…oh well! ;-) P.s. Sunglasses in the last decade!!! #justsayin' :-)

One of the things I am impressed with…well I’m actually more surprised than impressed…but I didn’t have a hangover at all throughout the weekend…even when I was awake at 5-6am and I was laughing away with my friend who I was rooming with, there was no hangover...even today I was expecting to feel a little crappy but I don’t…I feel great!  I’ll be feeling better when I’ve made myself a nice dinner. 

I know I’ve had a good weekend when my legs are aching haha…aaaand I have the war wounds to prove that I had a great time – the blisters on my feet…wow are they painful at times but so worth it haha.

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