Wednesday, 14 November 2012

I knew you were trouble...

Where has the last month gone?  Seriously I can’t believe that we are almost half way through November.  I have been so busy since my last blog post and great…I have a sore throat…which means, a head cold and throat infection is heading my way…I’m just so lucky at the minute.

Tonight is the first night I’ve had to relax and have the night to myself and I think I am in desperate need of it.  I’m so exhausted I can barely function at the minute.  I am putting in so much time at work it’s crazy. 
The early part of this week I took a trip to Wales for work, I was so busy that I didn’t even have time to go and see my dad, step mum and foster brother and sister who live just 45-50 minutes away.  You know life is sucky when you can’t even fit in a quick trip to your home town and see your nearest and dearest.  Thankfully my family are understanding and encourage me to do the best I can in my life both professionally and personally.  

Speaking of journey’s… I got a new car!! A brand spanking new car that catapulted me into the 21st century when it comes to cars, it has all sorts of nice features that I will probably never use or figure out how to use, but it’s nice having a new car.  I love the fact that I don’t have to think about putting my lights on any more because the car does it for me, it decides for me when to wipe my windscreen…but the best thing for me is having a USB charger in the car for my iphone.  I know I know…the little things are what amuse me!!! Being able to listen to my own music on my phone and the voice activated calling feature is great.  Although I haven’t figured out fully how to call someone without scrolling through my contacts on the cars screen and then pressing call…that’s something to challenge me later on haha.

 I’ve made an executive decision that this coming weekend will be a weekend free of work and a little bit of fun and relaxation.  My friend thinks I’m going to help her with Christmas shopping and ideas for our friends…she absolutely no chance of me thinking about Christmas presents this weekend…there are few glasses of wine with my name on them this weekend…and I can’t wait.

I'm loving this song at the minute and pretty much have a good old sing song on my way to work to this song...yep...I get funny looks haha...

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