Sunday, 25 November 2012

Nice little Sunday....

Damn you surprise surprise!!

As ever watching TV shows like that, where people who have done extraordinary things are shown gratitude and rewarded by the people that know and love them the most, make me cry like a complete girl.  The show is a great show but it definitely pulls on my heart strings and making me blub like a big girl doesn’t take much in these situations. 
Today has been a really nice relaxing day.  I have done quite a bit of stuff today in the house.  I have re-organised my wardrobe and put up a hanging shelf in there courtesy of Ikea:

One of these wasn't enough for all my clothes but it helped tidy my wardrobe up

I also managed to get my room clutter free today, turned my mattress and then changed the bed sheets.  After a shower I put on fresh clothes I got into bed for a well-deserved nap, I love getting into bed with clean sheets and clean clothes.  

After that I made a start on wrapping Christmas presents and spending a little bit of time on Skype talking to a friend that was fun and always nice to catch up with friends. 

The rest of my day is a nice evening of X Factor and I’m a celebrity…I’m still feeling poorly sick and this morning I think I grossed a friend out when I spoke about the infected slime coming out of my nose when I blew my nose haha.  I’m sorry, I just don’t get grossed out by bodily functions I’m afraid and I speak very matter of fact about what goes on with me.  Especially when I’m coughing and sneezing away and all I can see is gross infected green slime haha (yes I am this classy in “real life” haha)

With a head cold it’s a case of waiting it out and having a stand off between me and the cold…I’m a stubborn person at times so I can guarantee that the cold will not beat me…especially as I am only 6 days away from my birthday.  Woooooo….ceeeeeelebrate good times…c’mon!!
2011's birthday

Fairy cake birthday cake

For meeeee?

This is my birthday happy face

Anyway terrible reality TV calls…

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