Wednesday, 26 December 2012

A great Christmas Day

Christmas 2012 has been a success.  What a wonderful day it’s been.  It’s been such a great family affair today.  

The day has been filled with unwrapping gifts, quick visits to see family and close family friends, then back home for more family and friends to zip in on their Christmas Day rounds and then for a big Christmas Day lunch. 

Oh wow am I ever stuffed from a great family Christmas Lunch, three courses of absolute delight.   
After lunch was over we had the TV on and watched Top of the Pops.  That show finished year ago and the last few Christmases it has been brought back as a Christmas special to look back at some of the bestselling songs of the year.  I used to love that programme when I was younger.  I love music, it is one of my major loves in life and I loved that show. 

I am not a major Royal Family fan, I wouldn’t say I was a royalist but as stated in one of my previous posts in June I have gained a lot of respect for the Queen and certain other members of the Royal Family.  Every year without fail we have the Queen’s Speech on TV.  Yet another tradition, 3pm the Queen addresses the nation about the year.  What a year it has been for us here in the UK, we have had the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations…60 years reign…then we had the Olympic Games in London this summer,  the announcement that a royal baby is on the way…there have been some great reasons to be British this past 12 months.

There have also been some great achievements for me to this past year.  Whilst my year has had some major highlights it’s had its low points.  Those low points have however allowed me to learn a number of lessons in life.  One of the things I am proud of this year is that I gained my Masters degree.  Not only did I graduate a Master, I graduated with the highest Masters level you can get here in the UK.  It made me feel proud that I had put in so much work to my course and it had paid off, especially as since January I had held a full time job as well.  A job I simply love.  I am so lucky that I have a job I love to do every day and although I deal with some horrific circumstances and situations, I enjoy the work I do and I love the people, especially the children that I work with.

Anyway, I digress…after the Queen’s speech we then had an afternoon of board games and general fun and laughter.

I was truly spoilt and so lucky in the gifts that I received this year.  I received a Michael Kors watch and a gorgeous Marc by Marc Jacobs bag and lots of other little gifts.  I have loved every single gift that I have been given including gifts from my favourite stationers.  I love Paperchase and I have a 2013 diary and a couple of other items from there along with an umbrella from the Cath Kidston store. 

Tonight has also been a lot of fun and I don’t think I could have asked for a better day.  Being with my family has been the best and I’m so lucky that I got to spend it with people I love and who are very important to me.

Presents under the tree for everyone

Such a lucky girl to get an amazing gift this Christmas

Merry Christmas from my two loves

I hope everyone had a great day.

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