Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Santa gave me one last (unwanted) present yesterday...

At the end of Christmas Day it seems that Santa had decided I hadn’t been a good girl all year and gave me a last minute present…a throat and ear infection!  Juuuuuust perfect!!

I barely slept last night and if I did I woke up after a short nap in serious pain.  No amount of painkillers helped and I was forced…yes forced…to raid the fridge at 3am this morning and eat some chocolate (don’t’ judge – haha…it’s Christmas and a girl has to feel some comfort some how haha).

After a sleepless night I dragged my backside out of bed but it took until 2:30pm for me to finally get dressed.  Although I surprisingly didn’t feel tired or particularly sick as a whole I felt a little knocked sideways and I was in a lot of pain.

I really wanted to avoid going to the pharmacy because I knew the only ones that would be open were in supermarkets…and today is Boxing Day…the day when all the sales start and it would be a nightmare.
I prepared myself for a battle to even get into the car park but I was surprised to find the supermarket was quite quiet.  I had no problems getting a space, I walked straight into the store with no queues or masses of people…it was all a little too weird for me haha.

I can’t resist going in to hyper market and having a look at the clothes.  I love my designer pieces whether it be bags, clothes, shoes, watches…but I find it a little too much to be kitted out head to toe in designer things…so I love having a look at the clothes in the store and I usually find some great little tops or every day shoes, nightwear or accessories.  True to form I found 4 great tops that I can wear for every day / work.   

Naturally not one of them that I bought was in the sale but they weren’t expensive at all so I wasn’t complaining. 

I made it to the food section (the pharmacy is in the middle of the food sections) and started wandering around the aisles…you’d think that I’d have seen enough food over the past few days, but nope!!  I’m the girl who goes out with friends for dinner and drinks, eats in one place, then when we move onto the next bar or pub, I’ll pick up the food menu and have a look at what they serve even though I know I couldn’t eat another thing.

I didn’t buy any food in the supermarket but bought some champagne for New Year’s Eve.  I’m going to a house party this year and so what better way to celebrate than with champagne.  My friend is a big fan of champagne and what better way to thank her for putting on a party to say goodbye to 2012 and a big hello to 2013 than buy her some of her favourite champagne.

I finally made it round to the pharmacy section and had the pharmacy asking a zillions questions, looking in my mouth, feeling my throat…good job it was a woman haha.  So I came out with an anaesthetic spray, and two sets of pills.  I haaaate being dependent on pills for anything so I’m pretty grumpy that I have to take them to feel better.

Now I’m home for the evening and just relaxing.  

I’ve decided to re-start my twitter account.  I think I have taken a 6 month break from twitter so I have had to start from scratch. I’m going to be using twitter as a way of promoting my blog as well as a way of having a conversation with myself haha.

If people want to ‘follow’ me on twitter my name is @caite_morgan you can also find my twitter feed on the right hand side of my blog page once I’ve got it up and running again.

I am also using instagram these days too.  As with anything I go through fits and starts of using these little social media delights.  If anyone would like to follow me on instagram my name is *pause while I check my name haha* - caitemorgan

2013 is fast approaching and I have to say I am really looking forward to it.  I have a lot of things going on both professionally and personally which I'm really excited about.  Early 2013 sees me going on a trip to Austria and I can not wait.  I'm hoping it is going to be a lot of fun.

I’m going to finish my blog tonight with some of my favourite songs of the last month:

I love watching X Factor (especially the audition stages) but I don't usually like the winners song but this time I really do like the song the winner - James Arthur - has released and it always helps when you can relate to the song.

The next song, is Olly Murs and Trouble Maker.  I love a bit of Olly Murs, can't help but have a soft spot for this "cheeky chappy".  I love the song, sounds a little Maroon 5'ish and again I can relate to the song as I have my own "trouble maker" haha

I love Bruno Mars, there's so many of his songs that I like and this latest one of his just has me dancing away when I hear it.

I always thought Taylor Swift was a bit cheesy and a little bit teenager'ish but I really like a lot of her latest songs, including this song.

Carrie Underwood, I don't know too much about her but I know a fair few of her songs now and I absolutely love love love her music especially this song.

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