Saturday, 22 December 2012

Surviving the "end of the world"

Sooooooo, it seems I survived the end of the world *happy dance* woohooo!

I was completely clued up (cue sarcasm) on this whole Mayan calendar malarkey to the point that I didn’t even know when the end of the world was supposed to take place.

It wasn’t until a work friend walked in our office and said you’ll be pleased to know we survived the end of the world because it’s gone past 11:11am…she then went onto say that the Mayan calendar didn’t take into consideration leap years so we would have been dead well before now if the whole end of the world theory was right.

So having survived the world how did I choose to celebrate? Go all out and have a few drinks in town? Go for a great dinner somewhere nice? Party like its…umm…2012?

Um….no!  Yesterday was Mad Friday here, I was going nowhere near a bar or downtown.  

The Wikipedia definition of Mad Friday is as such:
The colloquial term used in the UK, referring to the last Friday before Christmas Eve (unless Christmas Eve falls on a Saturday or Sunday, then it is the Friday before) Between the 15th and 22 December.
The name is derived from the large number of drinkers and partygoers, prompting greater police attention in areas such as Barnsley, Manchester and East Lancashire It has been described as "when all office parties and once-a-year drinkers descend on their establishments" by many pub landlords, recognised nation-wide as the busiest night out of the year.

I love a good night out and love to have a drink but I couldn't think of anything worse than going into town and to make my way around the bars, trying to have a good time with my friends with more piss heads than normal in the bars.  It usually means that people who don't usually go out or can't handle their alcohol are in full flow and tend to be extremely annoying and sadly the men are quite lecherous. 

So I decided that the best thing to do was go to the shopping mall at 9:30pm because it was open until 11pm and I needed a few little bits and pieces gift wise.  Then it was to the supermarket I went to pick up a few things mum asked me to get because she had forgotten them...and then it was a quick trip back to my house and then an hour drive home for the Christmas break.

I've brought my two loves home with me for the Christmas:

They love being spoilt by my family, and boy do they get spoilt. 

Today is going to be full of catching up with friends and exchanging some Christmas gifts aaaand maybe a few is Christmas after all.


  1. Everyone is blogging about the end of the world, oh my god! I love the views though :D

  2. Sounds like a great Christmas, worth surviving for. :)