Sunday, 30 December 2012

Who am I when you’re not looking….

A bit of a twist on the Blake Shelton song (who are you when I’m not looking)…but I have had an increase in blog readers from all points of the world over the past few weeks and I thought I would see 2012 out and 2013 in with a little bit about who I am…

The most obvious thing about me is that I’m Caite Morgan!  My full first name is Caitlin but I never get called that (unless I’m in trouble haha) and usually get people calling me Kate or Katie, depending how people choose to pronounce Caite.
Hellooooo...I'm Caite :-)
I’m 25 years old and I am an only birth child to my parents.  I use the term birth parents because my parents are no longer married and have both re-married…it is through their re-marrying that I have gained two wonderful younger step brothers.  My step brothers are great and we are more like full siblings than step siblings (I am related to them via my mum and my step dad).  My dad married my step mum a number of years ago and it was determined that they were unable to have their own children.  So my dad and step mum are long term foster parents to my foster brother and sister who are also younger than me.  They have lived with my dad and step mum for a number of years now and will remain with them until adulthood.  I love my foster brother and sister and love that they refer to me as big sister Caite.  Without fail every week I send both of them a little care package of little things that I have seen throughout the week, it could be little girlie hair slides and accessories for my sister or the latest action figure for my brother.  Even though this has been going on for a while now I love how they get so excited and they call me every time to say thank you…some of their voicemails are pretty funny on the times I have missed their call.

I am lucky in the sense that I get two sets of parents and that despite my parents no longer being together, all 4 of them get on really well and have been great parents to me throughout my life. 

I am half Welsh and half English.  I was born in a town called Newport in Wales and lived there until I was 5 years old.  I can speak both English and Welsh fluently, although there isn’t too much call for the Welsh language where I live haha.
English Flag and Welsh Flag
I graduated earlier this year with my Masters in Forensic Psychology, I started working for an organisation earlier this year while studying and worked as a Support Worker working with children and their families who are in need of additional support.  These children have also been subject to varying forms of abuse and neglect.  After graduating I have continued to work with these children and their families but in a different capacity.  Regardless of what job I have held within the organisation I love the work I do.  There is no denying it is heart breaking at times, you come across some harrowing and awful situations, circumstances and reasons for working with children but I love the work I do.  It’s tough and if I make the difference even the slightest difference to a child then I feel I have been somewhat successful in my job role.
I live with 3 of my best friends.  They feature in my blog posts and also of the videos in earlier blogs, although one of my friends is moving out of the house.  She is going to be a grown up and going to live with her boyfriend.  However, because we have a 4 bedroom house, we have a new housemate coming our way very soon which we are excited about.

Housemate Number 1

Me and Housemate number 1

Housemate Number 2

Me and House Mate number 2
The three Musketeers haha
I love my friends, I'm blessed that I have truly great friends and I spend a lot of time with them.  They are my family away from my family and we get ourselves into some pretty funny situations.  We laugh so hard together and have cried together, but most of all we have been with each other every step of the way of the last few years since we were thrust together at the start of our university days.

I am a single girl.  Maybe I’m picky, maybe I’m endlessly looking for the “perfect guy” (I know he doesn’t exist, but the perfect man FOR ME does somewhere) but I am single and whilst it would be great to meet someone to share the good and bad times in life together, I am not the type who needs to be with someone to be happy.  I am an independent girl, I have my own goals in life and don’t feel that I am incomplete being single.  I hope to one day meet the guy who will “complete” me in a way I didn’t know was possible.  Until that day arrives I am continuing on the road I’m on.

I love life; I have a zest for life and try to live it to the full.  Swimming, playing piano, baking, and cooking, running, music all make me happy…as does the odd glass bottle of wine or a few lot of vodka’s.
I have a random and silly sense of humour at times, I like sarcasm and witty things, I love to laugh and will do silly things to make people laugh or feel happy (again this can be seen in my blogs).  From my pictures I'm sure it shows I like clothes, fashion and make up.  They don't define me as a person but I do like to look what I feel is good.

I''m pretty laid back and undemanding in a lot of respects but I believe I have passion, dedication and commitment in all the right areas that show my feisty (and sometimes impatient) side to me.

Thank you to everyone who has and continues to read my blog, feel free to add any comments to my blog whether it to be say hello and let me know who is reading my blog or if there is something you like/dislike about what I write about.  If people want to email me then please feel free - 

Have a wonderful end to 2012 and a great start to 2013 and if you are celebrating...HAVE FUN!!!! :-)


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