Monday, 23 December 2013

Nadolig Llawen....that's Merry Christmas to non-Welsh speakers :-)


Happy Christmas Eve Eve!!   

Father Christmas (Santa Claus) rocking the red of the Welsh with the Welsh flag in the Father Christmas actually Welsh???? haha

I love this time of year! It's always so much fun having a good time with friends and work friends but also at work I have been delivering presents to the children that I work with which is so amazing to see the smiles on their faces when I turn up with gifts.

I have finally wrapped all my presents for friends and family.  We exchanged our secret santa gifts at work last week and whilst some of my friends opened their gifts I have saved mine for Christmas Day.  I refused to open mine because I have always been brought up not to open gifts before my birthday or Christmas so it's sat in my house waiting for me to open.  I have no idea what it is and I have just been told that I will love it.  

Having a December birthday as well as Christmas I am usually banned by friends and family from buying myself anything for about 6 weeks before my birthday on 1 December so that anything I may suggest I need or want they can look into buying things for me.  The trouble with that though...I never know what I want for Christmas or for my birthday, I'm used to buying things for myself if I need them. All my Christmas gifts will be a surprise because I haven't asked for anything because I genuinely don't know what I want...however no matter what I get I will love every single present.

I have one more day left at work before I head home to my Mum and Step Dad's home, the home I grew up in until I was 18...I love going back home to see my family and Christmas is best time ever.  I don't get enough time to go home and spend time with my family so I try and make the most of the time that I do get to see them.  On Christmas Day I know I'll also have telephone calls galore from my little brother and sister, my Dad and Step Mum because I won't get a chance to see them on Christmas Day, but my sister already called me today and told me it's Christmas Eve Eve (that's why I said Happy Christmas Eve Eve at the start of my post) and to tell me how many sleeps it was until Father Christmas was going to be stopping by.  She also told me that her and my brother had written their letters ready for Father Christmas and told me what food and drink they planned to leave for him and his cute!!!

Cute Christmas decorations that we have had since I was young

Drinks with the family

One of two trees we have at my Mum and Step Dads

Rocking the onesie on Christmas Day night

Even Coco is getting involved in the Christmas spirit

How we rocked Christmas 2012 style

2nd Christmas tree...I was clearly excited to see that Father Christmas had been

Coco and I showing some Christmas love

Christmas stocking on Christmas morning, I wake up to a stocking at the end of my bed every Christmas morning :-)

Tonight I spent some time going to the supermarket because at 8:30am this morning I got a phone call from my Mum asking me what food and drink I wanted her to get me for Christmas because she was going food shopping.  Asking me what I want for 2-3 days time is just no good, as I responded to my Mum "I don't know what I'm having for breakfast today Mum so meal times and snacks throughout Christmas has not even entered my head".  Yep, my Mum was one of the crazy people braving the supermarket in the day time witnessing people buying multiple trollies full of food and drink as though the world is going to end or the shops are not open for the next 3 weeks.

I got a phone call later in the day today from my Mum saying she had forgotten a couple of items so I said I would save my Mum's sanity and said I would pick up the things she wanted and I would bring them with me tomorrow.  I needed to go to the University to return a couple of books so as I drove past one supermarket there were lots of cars queuing to get into the supermarket car park so I drove straaaaaight past that one.  I decided I would try one more before heading home.  The second one was very quiet which was....bad news!!! The place being quiet meant I could freely wander around looking at everything and pick up things not on my Mum's list and before I knew it a list that should have come to no more than £10-15...£40 later I was at the check out with two full bags of shopping!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful couple of days however you choose to spend it.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Dusting off my Christmas jumper tomorrow...

Yet again it's more than two weeks and I haven't updated this thing but that's because life has been so busy recently.

Ydych chi'n barod ar gyfer y Nadolig? (that's Welsh for "Are you ready for Christmas?"). I cannot believe that in a weeks time it will be Christmas Day.  One minute it was the 1 December and I was celebrating my birthday and the next we're a week from Christmas and all the days seem to have blurred into one.

I love this time of year and enjoy the run up to Christmas.  I am a very lucky girl and I am privileged to have not just two wonderful parents but four amazing parents (My Mum, Dad, Step Mum and Step Dad) who have given me the opportunities to achieve my potential and encouraged me to be the best I can by working hard to achieve what I want in life. As regular readers of my blog will know I am an only child to my parents but through my parents second marriages I have two great step brothers and a foster brother and sister who I feel so lucky to have in my life and they mean the world to me.  This time of year definitely reminds me about everything I have to be thankful for and gives me a gentle reminder of the job that I do and how some children and their families struggle especially at this time of year. 

So today at work was pretty fun because lots of toys arrived at the office for the children we work with.  I work with children and their families for a number of reasons, some that are horrific and some where they are in need of support, advice and generally need encouragement that they can make positive changes in their lives. So, for me, the best part of my job throughout this period is visiting the children and being able to give them a gift from me to wish them a Merry Christmas.  I usually wear a Christmas jumper to deliver my gifts because the children love the attention and all the fuss they get from me. It makes them smile seeing me dressed in the spirit of Christmas and making my visits to their home, fun, so I'll be dusting off my Christmas jumper tomorrow haha.  I spent some of my afternoon at work working my way through all the gifts for the children I work with, working out which gift would be the most appropriate for which child.  I got to one toy for a 2 year old which sang the ABC so I was playing with that and singing away to it (that counts as work right??? haha).

I am working on Christmas Eve and again that will involve the Christmas jumper and doing the nice part of my job...delivering food hampers to families that we work with to help, even in the smallest way, to relieve the stress and expense of Christmas.  Other than doing the festive things at work I can't imagine there will be much work going on in the office and I have a feeling it will be full of general silliness (something me and my friends at work excel at)

Today I heard the most heartbreaking story at work about one of the girls I work with asking her Foster Carers if Father Christmas (Santa Claus) knew their name because when she lived with her parents they told her that Father Christmas didn't know their names and so didn't know her name or her siblings names and therefore didn't stop by their house to leave her a present. The little girl asked again if Father Christmas knew her name and the Carer reassured her that Father Christmas knew all of the children's name in their house and he would definitely be stopping at their house and leaving a present...I cried when I heard that completely broke my heart.

Speaking of heart breaking, today I read the sentencing transcript from a Court Case involving a famous singer in a band and the sexual abuse of both male and female children including babies.  Reading the things that these defenseless children were subjected to is beyond horrific and disgusting. I have dealt with some awful abuse cases at work but this is worse than I have ever dealt with and it is sickening to know that this person was able to abuse the power that he had over the woman who offered their children to him.  As you all know I am a proud Welsh girl and I am ashamed to say that this person is Welsh and he is an absolute disgrace and with the greatest of respect I hope this "man" rots in prison during his 35 year sentence.

Anyway on a much better note it is just 7 more sleeps until Father Christmas visits...the question is...

...will he be visiting me and dropping off gifts for me...have I been naughty or nice this year??? haha

The best Christmas song...

Monday, 2 December 2013

Don't you just love a good old stereotype??


"you don't look the type of girl...."

"generally like lower maintenance girls..." hahaha.

I am sure there have been many more throughout the conversation but those are the ones that simply made me laugh!!...what's the saying??

"Don't judge a book by it's cover"

It always makes me laugh when people have some preconceived idea of what kind of person I am...that I'm that kind of girl and suggesting that I'm high maintenance.  My suggestion?!?!?!....get to know me instead of judging me haha.

Of course it's just friendly banter...I can take that...I can also take that I know the person I am and I am happy with the person I am.  As people who are my friends and who read my blog know...I am from a family that mean everything to me, I work my ass off to achieve the things I set out to do, somewhere in my head there's a significant amount of grey matter called a brain and I am studying for my second Master's Degree...I love to have fun, play sports, love hiking with my dog King Zeb, and I am caring and thoughtful to the people that mean the most and I work in a job that is not only heartbreaking but so rewarding with children and young people...but yeah...I'm high maintenance haha...I like to document my life and create memories by taking pictures with my friends and like to explore the world and if that makes me one of those girls....then so be it haha...I can't help but laugh, I find it funny how wrong someone is!! 


My birthday weekend was...AMAZING!!

I had such a fun time and was well and truly spoilt by my friends and family.  My friends and I drank and danced a lot and generally had a lot of fun.

As everyone knows I'm a proud Welsh girl!! The weekend was no different and my friends thought it would be hilarious if they had Tom Jones played in the bar and made me dance...Carlton style the heels came off...I hitched my dress up a little and got in position aaaand off I went...

I rocked this dance...much to my friends and the rest of the bars amusement haha.  I had so much fun with everyone and of course it turned into a late night on Saturday night / Sunday Morning seeing in my birthday in true style.

To finish my blog I'm going to post a few selfies from the weekend...with the classic "duck face" hahaha...what girl doesn't like a posing pouting pic haha

Tonight I've been out to dinner and given in to a couple of my friends wanting to go out, so here's a little preview of the night hahaha


Saturday, 30 November 2013

NEWS FLASH: Tomorrow is 1 December!!

NEWS FLASH: Tomorrow is 1 December!!

So what does that mean?

It's almost Christmas?

Tomorrow is the first day Advent?

Nope...well...yes it is BUT....tomorrow is....MY BIRTHDAAAAAAAY haha

Yep this girl...(me haha)... going to be a year older and I am going to celebrate in style.

Tonight I have a night out planned with friends to celebrate and then a birthday lunch with friends tomorrow.  Then I have a whole week off work (and boy do I need a week off work!!!).  During this week I am going to London and I'm really excited.  My friends and I are going to be going to the Christmas Markets (I love Christmas Markets), then to see the Musical Wicked (everyone I have spoken to have said it's amazing), we also have tickets to the Ice Bar and then to go outdoor ice skating.  I am really looking forward to some time away from work and to have a good time and to spoil myself a little bit really.  It's been a difficult and busy few weeks and I am so happy to be through it all now, the pressure of work and the demands that comes with it and the heartbreaking situations I have to deal with.

Tonight however is about having fun, letting off steam and starting my birthday celebrations

Monday, 18 November 2013

T'is the no not Christmas...yet...

Friday was an amazing day off!  I went to a spa for the day and had the most incredibly relaxing day.  I had a full body massage and a facial and it felt so good.  After the treatments my friend and I had a little snack and drink before we headed off into the rest of the spa and check out the rooms and swimming pool.  We into all the rooms including the Japanese Salt Sauna (one of my personal favourites), Roman style heated beds, Laconium, Sauna, Foot Spa's, Greek Herbal Bath, Indian Blossom Steam Room (another favourite of mine) and an Aqua Meditation Room.  We also went swimming in the outdoor pool which was pretty good too until we had to get out and I was soooo cold haha.  Throughout the day I'm sure I fell asleep for a few minutes at a time particularly in the meditation room.  We had lunch at the spa too which was a really nice lunch and a couple of glasses of champagne.  Champagne is alllllways a good thing.

The spa was such a great way to relax and something that I really needed.  The woman who did my massage told me that I had a little bit of tension across my shoulders.  I'm surprised it wasn't a lot of tension because work has been stressful in the last couple of months and slowly but surely I'm getting through my crazy busy period. I needed the day off to just forget about work and all the negativity surrounding my profession at the minute.  If people believe everything that people have to say about my profession then we should either be in prison or continually being trained to do our job...all I can say to that is the people that hear and see one story in the news, as tragic as it is, I know the extreme situations I am put in every day, I know what threats I get on a regular basis, I know how hard I work to protect children, and people who think people like me need to be doing this or that, then I invite them to spend a week or two following me around to see what I do and the extreme levels of stress and dangerous situations I'm subject to.  But I persevere anyway because I do the job I love...

...Anyway....rant over haha...

Friday night resulted in a late night out continuing the relaxing theme of my weekend.  I made it to bed pretty late both nights but as always we left the bars, got greasy food, went home and carried on having drinks with my friends until the morning came around haha.  Saturday I gave in to my friend who had been badgering me to join her netball team and so instead of sleeping in late I ended up getting up and running around a netball court...playing my usual position...Goal Attack...what can I say? I like the glory of scoring the goals for the team haha.

Sunday I met my Mum off the train at the mall and we had a little Starbucks date for breakfast and then hit the shops which was good.  I have FINALLY started my Christmas shopping!! haha.  I hopefully will have it all done in the next couple of weeks.  After shopping my Step Dad arrived (he had been golfing in the morning, weirdly he doesn't like shopping haha) and we went out for Sunday Lunch.  Near where I live there's a great little pub that does a 3 course lunch and my parents love it (I'm pretty sure that's the only reason they visit me haha) and so Sunday afternoon I stuffed my face with a great lunch and my Mum and I shared a bottle of wine and then I had another glass of wine once we had polished off the bottle haha.  After they had headed back I got in my onesie and just relaxed for the rest of the night. I had such a great weekend!!

T'is the not Christmas...not for a little while anyway...but it's less than 2 weeks until my birthday yeahhhhhh haha.  It's also the time when my social life and social events gets out of control.  I have a pretty busy social life normally but this time of year it gets crazy and I'm starting it all off by celebrating my birthday by going away with the girls for a few days.

We have a jam packed few days away including...

and here too...

We have tickets to a musical, we are going to the Christmas Market there too...there will be a few bottles of champagne too celebrating my birthday and the trip away. I'm pretty excited to say the least haha.

Monday, 11 November 2013

I can see clearly....'s been 7 months to the date since I had eye laser surgery.  I had been wanting the surgery for some time so I didn't have to rely on glasses or contact lenses and finally decided to take the plunge and booked myself in for a consultation and then BOOM!!! I was booked in to have the surgery.  Now I love treating myself to the odd designer splurge or two but I have to say this was the best £2300 I have ever spent.  To no longer be reliant on glasses and lenses to see is amazing, 10 minute surgery and it was all done and I have perfect eye sight.  I wasn't sure what to expect and given my eventful day on the actual day of the surgery I expected me to be one of those people who would need additional surgery but nope...the world is still crystal clear for me!!

I've had my car a year now and I've managed to put about 13500 miles on it (I miss my car just having 7 miles on it haha) and in true girl style I am still coming across the features of my car.  I have only just become comfortable using cruise control on the motorway.  At first I didn't like it because I didn't feel I was in control but now I LOVE it!! haha.  Speaking of driving I got a few funny looks and smiles my way tonight on the way home because I was sat in traffic and singing away and dancing away as I waited...I just smiled at the people staring and carried on singing haha.

I had a little head cold last week which zapped all of my energy out of me but thankfully I'm feeling much better and I'm back fighting fit, although a little tired tonight because for some reason I couldn't sleep and was awake quite late last night, not that I'm really complaining haha.

My busy period at work (work is always busy really) is starting to come to an end and calm down over the next few weeks which I am so happy about because the days have really seemed to roll into one at the minute.  I don't know how we have arrived at the middle of November.  The TV commercials are focusing on Christmas and it's occurred to me...I haven't started my Christmas shopping!!! eeeeek!!! I am not doing well at this being prepared thing haha.

Tonight though I have no work laptop with me and that is something to celebrate so that's what I'm going to do!!

Monday, 4 November 2013

Remember remember the 5th of November...

Tomorrow is the 5 November and here we celebrate Guy Fawkes Night...remember remember the 5th of November!!! 1605 was when Guy Fawkes was part of the Gunpowder Plot who attempted to blow up parliament, so we basically celebrate the fact that the King at the time survived the attempt on his life.  So now we celebrate by building bonfires and usually children make a "Guy" made out of old clothes and stuff them with newspaper to make it look like a person.  Once the fire is fully alight the "Guy" is then thrown onto the fire.  Then there's the fireworks display symbolising what would have happened back in 1605 if the attempt by Guy Fawkes had been successful.

The main man...Guy Fawkes
It's always a good night because we usually go with a group of friends to an event where there's food stalls, games, funfair rides, a bonfire and a fire work display.  I love it, my friends and I have a great time trying all the different foods and drinks on the stalls and challenging each other to the games.  Aaaaaaand it's a great excuse to wear my new winter hat hahahahah.....

New Winter Hat!!! haha

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Mission Caite...hangovers acceptable but not necessary

So I ended up not getting the early night I really wanted to have and get some much needed rest and sleep and I find myself being distracted by other things in the house.

Today had been my day at university instead of at work. I only have 4 lectures between now and the end of 2013. Yep, that's right just the 4 classes and 1 assignment to write.  At least I think that's the case anyway.  It's a part time course because everyone in the class works full time but who knows I might have read things wrong.  All I know is its a pain in the backside having to get to the university in rush hour traffic and then battle with people wanting car parking spaces. Every time I head to uni I always think to a 2nd Master's Degree that important??? I know I certainly don't have the energy for it especially with how busy I am at work.  Oh well...the opportunity to develop my professional capabilities and to say I have an undergraduate degree and 2 masters degrees is pretty good.

It's back to work tomorrow and it promises to be another busy day. I am looking forward to the weekend and slightly worried at the same time. I'm going out down town with the girls from work on Saturday and I know it's going to be messy. Every time I go out with this group of friends something always happens and usually to me haha. The last two occasions involved me breaking my big toe and the other other occasion I bruised my other big toe quite badly. For some reason when I'm out with them as soon as I know we are heading for food and then home my brain immediately communicates with my feet and makes me feel pain. So in my drunken state I think it's a great idea to take off my heels and walk through the streets with no shoes on. I have even gone as far as taken my shoes off out them under my arm to carry them and then be stood in the food place asking the guy serving us if anyone has handed any shoes in to them because I have lost mine...not realising that they were under my arm all the time. On the other side of this I find it hilarious and I always have a great time with my friends and I am looking forward to the night...and it's Mission Caite returning home with no broken body parts...hangovers acceptable but not necessary.  

Just have two more days of work to get through first...

Monday, 21 October 2013

The alarm went off far too soon this morning...

...I don't know why but last night I struggled to fall asleep which is weird because I was actually really tired.  So when the alarm went off this morning I just let it go off and off aaaaand off and I ignored it pretending it wasn't there because I was finally comfy and didn't want to get out of bed.  At one point I gave myself a pep talk about getting up and the end result sticking one foot out of the bed and on the floor as the rest of me lay under my duvet...that constitutes getting out of bed right? haha

I eventually managed to get my sorry backside out of bed and was very slow this morning in getting ready.  At 9:10am I was happily singing away in the car (I was teaching Katy Perry a thing or two on how to sing her latest song - Roar haha) when my boss interrupted and called me...he asked me if I was in work and I was all "ummmm no" and then he asked if I was running which I replied "ummmm noooo...I mean yessss?"...I wasn't sure I should tell him that I was actually sat at home tending to my farm.

Yup that's right my farm!! No I haven't changed professions nor have I moved back to the country but instead I have been sucked into the game on my phone that is sweeping my friends at the minute...building a farm, harvesting crops, feeding animals, making cakes, butter, you name it, I can probably make it haha.  It's starting to become an obsession!! I don't want to miss my boat orders (yeah that's right my farm is by a river that a cargo boat comes down and stops at my farm for orders)...this thing is getting so bad that I have woken up in the middle of the night before and I've checked my farm...I wish I could say I need to get out more but I have a pretty good social life obsession with my farm game continues!! haha!!

I did some work with a teenager and I have to say instead of her kicking off and going on the rampage she was actually pretty funny.  She asked me a million of questions.  The best ones were "How do you get your hair extensions looking like that?" to which I just looked at her and laughed and said "my what?" she then responded with "your hair extensions, your hair isn't real is it, no-one's hair is really that long and nice".  I couldn't help but laugh at her when I told her my hair was allllll my own and then she proceeded to inspect my scalp and my hair to look for hair extensions haha.
All my owwwwwn hair :-)
 Then she said to me "let me look at your eyes"...a bit freaked out I sat in front of her and showed her my eyes. She said to me "I can't see anything", to which I asked her "what are you looking for? a line around my eye where they cut it when I have laser eye surgery?"...."YEEEESSSSSS" was what I was greeted with haha. I had to explain to her that my eyes had healed and there were no visible signs of me having had eye surgery and that I no longer needed contact lenses or glasses...she was amazed by it haha.

Tonight I'm pretty happy that I got home from work pretty early AND I didn't bring my work laptop home tonight so I can relax with the girls.  We decided we weren't going to have a drink throughout the week until the weekend but lo and behold when I opened the fridge when I got home I saw a couple of bottles of wine and a few bottles of Sweden's finest chilling in there. Looks like the girls had plans of giving in to our plan...and of course I'll have so much willpower and resist....who am I kidding? haha.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Pamper day and a good night in :-)

Again I'm sucking at this updating thing haha.

Life is always so busy that I just don't seem to get time to update as much as I'd like.

So tonight I am having a night in with my two housemates and it's fantastic.  We are in our onesies and having a few drinks as we watch Saturday night TV.  I couldn't think of a better thing to do tonight.  I went out last night and I had a great time but tonight I'm so happy to be home on a Saturday night.  I need a nice relaxing night, which is what I'm getting...I can't say I'm completely sober because the drinks have been flowing tonight as we have relaxed but I am feeling pretty good.

Today I had a make up lesson with a make up artist from a big brand.  I am the kind of girl who feels awkward being on show when I'm having something done in public. My housemate is much more confident in the whole people seeing her on display for everyone to see as they walked in.  However  I was sat in a department store with my face having no make up on and then having a make over feeling self conscious.  I relaxed as time went on and I was really happy with the result.  My housemate and I went for one particular thing that my housemate wanted and both ended up with mini make overs. Obviously with the make overs there were a number of products that were used on us...and as we were so pleased with our make up we ended up buying the products.  So between us we basically spent almost £200 on products (there weren't too many products for that money). Crazy I know but the products did really make a huge difference and we were both really pleased with the results of our make over.  We both had pretty stressful weeks at work so we decided that a little splurge on something was OK. 

My life at work is starting to ease up a little bit thankfully because I have been crazy busy and it's been a hellish time and I have been stressed and bordering on miserable.  I have been working day and night on stuff that has needed to be done, my Manager got the brunt end of my miserable mood when he tried to make light of things and told me I don't do much work! Oh boy did he get an nasty stare and a "don't even go there" kind of look haha.

I'm really looking to update my blog and the style of my blog.  I have no idea what I want it to look like but although I don't update it very often at the minute, I have invested a lot of time into this thing. and it desperately needs a fresh look...any suggestions as to who could help me with re-vamping this thing please let me know!!

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Work hard, Play Hard...

I have been awful at updating this thing recently. I don't know where the time has gone but one minute it's the summer and the next it's almost winter and soon Christmas will be upon us. The last few weeks have been absolutely crazy. I have been so busy with work that I have barely had the time for anything else. I quite literally have lived and breathed my work for the last while.

I am slowly starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and I cannot wait to reach that light because there have been times when I have thought I wasn't going to be do everything that I've needed to do. I also haven't been the greatest person. My boss tells me that even with the strained stress look on my face I always have a smile and I am always laughing so he hadn't picked up on how truly stressed out I have been. I have even had people asking me if I've spent the night at work because I have been in the office when they arrive in the morning and I'm still there long after they have left the office for the day. So in another week or two I will be a liiiiiiittle bit less busy and stressed out...thank goodness haha.

Today however I managed to get quite a lot done so I decided to take advantage of my productivity and decided to call it a day relatively early AND I didn't bring my work laptop home with me tonight so it's a work free zone tonight. So what better thing to do after finishing this blog off but to go and dance the night away with the girls. I'm just at my friends house, getting ready and having a couple of drinks and although I'm writing about work it feels great knowing I don't have to think about it tonight.

I certainly need a night off from the stresses and hassles in my life not only at work but also outside of work. My love life is as non-existent as ever hah. There was a potential but it looks like that's not happening...great guy but we are both clearly too stubborn for each other...shame really. Buuuuut onwards and upwards as the Brits say and time to get on with life and letting the less stressed, care free Caite push her way back to the surface.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

It's my mouth, I'll say what I want to!!!

Well I'm ashamed to say I haven't updated this thing in weeks and I'm sat at my friends house updating it now.

It's been a crazy time on a whole range of levels.  Professionally life has been a very trying and testing time and it has been and continues to be a demanding and crazy busy time.  I have really have been pushed to my limits and at some points I genuinely thought I would hitting meltdown territory.  I have an obscene amount of work to do and I am forever playing catch up.  I looked today and I carry a third more work than I am supposed to do.  It's crazy.  Hopefully things will start to ease up in the near future but I can't see it happening.

Personally...well where do I start! My friend who I have blogged about in the past as my inspiration as she had been battling cancer, has had the news that specialists think that the cancer may have returned.  We have been dealing with that information for a number of weeks now and we are doing all we can to make sure she knows we are there for her.  I feel guilty because I have been so busy with work and don't always feel I have been there for her.

A short while ago my Step Mum had to have open heart surgery to remove a cyst from inside her heart, thankfully she is making a full recovery but it was a scary time for us.

As if all that wasn't enough one of my closest friends at work's Mum is being tested to find out if she  has stomach cancer.  My friend is seriously fragile at the moment and has needed a lot of support recently.  Thankfully I have seen her at work every day so I feel I have been able to be supportive for her.

I am in need of a break away from my day to day life and I am so looking forward to this weekend.  I'm going away for a two night break with friends from work.  I know I say I need a break from day to day life and these are the people I see most in my daily life (apart from my housemates of course) but we all seem to be in pretty much the same position at the minute.  We have hired a place for the weekend and we are basically going to relax and have a good time together.  We have a lot of food and drink planned and most of all....a lot of fun!!!  We are a mixed group from a married girl, a girl who lives with her boyfriend to singletons haha...and my status? we all know from my blog that that is always a bad topic haha.

We have been talking about this weekend non stop from going skinny dipping in the lake, running through the woods doing blair witch project, playing on the children's play area to living in our onesies to a couple of the girls wondering if we'll find a hot group of guys on a weekend away haha.  All I can say is I cannot wait.  I need head clearing time and what looks like moving on time because I'm exhausted with and from the battles in my life.  I'm a girl who will stand up for herself and I won't be bullied into something and I won't take people telling me I'm this or that and attacking me and so if there is drama in my life and that person doesn't want to talk to me properly without demanding and attacking then I can't do anything about it.  I'm not going to be made to feel like I'm worthless...I know I'm worth more than that.  It's a shame though because while I have to listen everything that person has to say the same is not given to me, there's an expectation on me to give that person everything they need before they budge and the girl I am and the beliefs I have don't allow me to give in so easily.  It's sad but it's life...if I feel I'm not being listened to and fairly understood then I shut down and in the words of little Miley...It's my mouth, I'll say what I want to!! ;-)

Anywayyyyy....It's almost October and I can't believe how quick the last few months have passed.  The weather is getting much colder which in one respect is great because I love this time of year because it means being able to wear chunky sweaters and lots of comfy clothes aaaaand it means that there will Christmas markets and continental markets springing up everywhere in a few weeks...I can't wait.  I know posting old pics is usually on Thursdays as part of throwback Thursdays but I'm going to post pics from Christmas Markets from the last year or two.

and then after the Christmas Market we hit a vodka bar and it got...well...messy haha


And now it's time to go and blow off steam!! I have pretty much worked 10 hours again today and I've had enough tonight!! It's time to have a good time for the rest of the night.