Monday, 7 January 2013

A day at work with a brief trip to the Bahamas

It’s been a tiring day today at work with the typical Monday morning blues after the weekend.  It took me until 8pm tonight to even muster the energy to make dinner tonight and even then I wasn’t exactly thrilled.  

Dinner was nice but it simply filled a hole in my stomach rather it be to enjoy my dinner.  

We have a battle going on right now at work with the heating.  Some people in our room like the heating on, others not so much.  We don’t have air con in our office, we don’t have a typically modern building but I like to think it has character haha!  Throughout the day I have found myself walking into the room and been absolutely freezing and the next time I walk back in, it’s like we’re in the Bahamas and I’m having to take off a few layers of clothing.

Not that taking off the clothing layers bothers me; I know I won’t be displaying sweaty underarms after my brief trip to the Bahamas haha.  The reason for that…BOTOX!!

Yup that’s right, I have had botox.  I haven’t had botox in any part of my face, I’m only 25, there’s a few years before I consider it in my face, maybe when I’m 30 (I’m joking).  Admitting to having botox can create one of two images and thoughts about me:
1)      I’m extremely vain
2)      I’m a sweaty Betty
I’ll be honest, it’s really neither.  It’s not like I have sweat just oozing out my under arm (great mental image right??) but it’s also not as though I am vain and don’t want to sweat at all.  It’s just something I don’t really like and I always feel self-conscious during the summer (what summer right? I’m in the UK it rains all the time haha). 

So there you go I have botox every 6-12 months in my arm pits…and yes…it hurts…but only for 5 minutes.  What happens is the nurse washes your under arm with iodine to find out where you sweat the most in that area.  She then draws a circle and a grid and injects you approximately 8-10 times in square in the grid.  It literally takes no more than 5 minutes to do each under arm but the effects are great.  I don’t need to wear deodorant but I still do but the results are great.  

I don't know if I'm genuinely tired tonight or if the pillow mist is taking effect and making me sleepy but I'm going to sign off and try and get a solid eight hours sleep (wishful thinking) and I'll leave you with a song that is not always my usual taste but every time it's come on my iphone in the car I have listened to the words and felt it's been relevant to me in a lot of ways: 


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