Friday, 25 January 2013

Friday = Me time!!

Wooooooo!!! It's the weekend!!

For once in what seems like forever I finished early from work.  I finished just before 4pm and I got as far as the Mall car park, turned my car off, sat there for less than a minute before deciding I couldn't be bothered to go shopping and turned my car back on and drove home. 

Friday night is my night!! I rarely go out on Friday nights and spend the night relaxing. It's pretty much how I spend 90% of my Friday nights.  I talk regularly in my blog about my job and how demanding it is and so Friday's for me is the time when I can finally unwind and relax and reflect on my week at work.

Today started off pretty crap if I'm honest and I'm not ashamed to say that I cried after a meeting.  I spoke to one of the children I work with, she had asked to speak to me and she cried and asked a million questions.  I couldn't and wouldn't reveal confidential stuff from work on here but I left the meeting and drove back to my office and had to call my housemate Chloe and pretty much ramble about it and then it happened...the quiver of my bottom lip and then the tears.  Thankfully they didn't last long but the memory of what happened stayed with me all day.

Once I arrive in the office it was a typical Friday in the office...little motivation to do anything, random conversations...and then this afternoon...I ended up getting asked by one of the girls if I would take a picture of the inside of her mouth because she wanted to see what was hurting inside her mouth and she couldn't take the picture properly...pretty standard thing to be doing in our office...our manager has come to realise very quickly that nothing normal happens in our office and we're all a little bit weird.

Tonight I made Mexican food for me and the girls which was really good (even if I do say so myself haha) and I think it's going to be a night of TV, a few drinks and just general relaxation.  This week has been a bit of a "freak" week for me, I almost never go out to bars or parties during the week since I graduated university and have been working full time, but I've been out twice this week and then last night the girls and I had a few drinks and tonight we're going to have a "few" more drinks. 

When I got home today I walked into my room to be greeted by these:

Pretty flowers from a pretty girl
My friend who I have blogged about recently had sent them to me to say thank you for being there for her during her battle.  I was so surprised and taken back that my friend battling cancer is sending ME flowers for supporting her when it's my friend who should be the one being told how amazing she is...
This girl is my inspiration

This song is an oldie but a good one and the song guaranteed to get me and my friend in the pictures up on the dance floor:


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