Thursday, 31 January 2013

It's almost the weekend...

...and all I can say is THANK GOODNESS!!

I have had one of those weeks! It's been the kind of week where people at work have been emailing all workers to remind them of policies and procedures in place...first it was the late filing of statements (triggered by me being a late filer), then it was our Admin Manager emailing about not using personal debit and credit cards to buy work tools / items for children we work with (again triggered by me) and then there was our legal guy talking about a case having to be put on hold for a number of reasons (yep, you guessed it, that was my case).  By the end of yesterday at work I was sat at my desk saying to my friends, what else is left for me to be made an example of haha.  One of my friends asked me what she could do to make me feel better...I just sat there with my head in my hands laughing and saying "fire me" haha.

Today has been better thankfully.  I had a cheeky little McDonalds breakfast, I was not in the mood to make breakfast at all this morning.  I sacrified making breakfast for an extra 15 minutes in bed haha.

Yummy...and I'd like to say I feel guilty about it but I don't haha.

I was able to finish quite early today and I made it to the shopping mall.  As I was walking around I came to the conclusion that I am an advertisers dream!

I signed up to the Graze Boxes in the new year when I saw them advertised on the TV.

Today I went to The Body Shop with the intention of buying some more Deep Sleep Pillow the counter I was ready to pay and then BAM!!! The sales lady started talking discount cards, free gifts, 10% discounts with every purchase, gifts during your birthday months...and there you go, I ended up with a discount card and was choosing a free gift.  I will probably never remember to use my new card but what the hell right? haha

New Shower Gel...I LOVE anything mint flavoured / smelling.

Theeeen I was walking past a store and saw the sign SALE...yep I was in there and ended up buying two tops.  I didn't need the tops and they aren't anything special, just regular tops but they were pretty and in the sale so that had me in there straight away haha.

I got home from work before 5:30pm tonight which was a huge change from the last few days and I feel slightly less stressed than I did throughout the week.

I am ready for another holiday and I have one booked and I am so excited to getting away from work for a relatively short but very sweet break. I'm looking forward to getting out of the UK for a while and I'm looking forward to spending time relaxing and having fun.  I think it's something I definitely need right now...I'm on countdown!!!


  1. Sorry you had a rubbish work week, I hope you can put it behind you and have a great weekend! The shopping probably helped already :D
    I'm a new follower from the Aloha hop, I hope you can pop by my blog and follow back if you like it.


  2. ah...cucumber and mint. total relaxation! good pick. Your newest follower via aloha hop.


  3. Ive had weeks like yours and they are just terrible! I bet next week will be much better for you :-)

    New follower from the aloha friday hop!