Saturday, 5 January 2013

Me and my bed…we got issues!!!!

Before people get any ideas I don’t mean anything like that (get your minds out of the gutter haha)

I’m a bit of a nerd (and quite happy to be known as one) and thought to myself ‘new year new duvet and duvet cover and pillow cases, a nice bit of luxury for me to come home to”.

I decided to treat myself, I bought a well-known brand of duvets / bed accessories and the name of this duvet is “Ultra sleep” (not the brand name).  Chance would be a fine thing!!  I have had the worst night’s sleeps for the past 4-5 days in such a long time.

There’s been absolutely no ultra-night’s sleep for me!  Just getting into bed and lying there, then there’s tossing and turning, my pillows being in the wrong position, the kicking of the duvet off me then dragging it back onto me.

All I can say is thank goodness I am sleeping by myself…I think if I had a significant other then they would have kicked me out of the bed…quite literally haha.

Now, I have a theory about my sleeping dilemmas!  I’m sure it’s all psychological (my friends think I'm crazy) but I put my sleeping issues down to the fact that my old duvet and new duvet are different materials.  My new one is fluffier and full of duvet life, whereas my old one was getting on a little bit and the fluffiness had gone.

The duvet cover and pillow cases are also different materials to my other duvets sets and the feel of them against my skin is seriously messing with my head haha!  I don’t know why because I have stayed at friends home’s before, I visit my family and stay at my Mum and step-dad’s house and at my dad and step mum’s house and have slept in beds with all different duvet types, but for some reason this one is causing me serious issues.

My friends at home and work are making fun of me and are singing at me every time they see me saying I have bed issues…I laugh at them because it genuinely is funny but I am sooooo tired.  I am getting just a couple of hours sleep per night, I occasionally fall back asleep but it is not without a fight first.  However believe it or not I have still managed to keep my usual happy and cheery demeanour despite my lack of sleep.  

In good spirits in my onesie despite no sleep haha

Can you say...tired???

At least someone is comfy and can sleep!!
 I’m going to leave a very appropriate song by a great 90s band for you to listen to as I attempt to go to sleep…wish me luck haha


  1. We honestly have the same problem. Before we moved we used to use Nath's quite old and quite manky duvet. Just a normal cotton one it was comfy but had seen better days so as a moving in "gift" my mum bought us a duck down duvet with matching pillows and I've never had such problems. The duvet fluffs everywhere and the pilllows are too bulky!! Arghh!
    Long story short, the old duvet is back with a vengance!
    I hope you get some sleep soon!

    Harriet x

    1. Haha you know exactly what I mean!! Finally someone who gets my issue haha. My duvet was really quite manky too, I'd had it a few years but this new one is so big and fluffy to the point where my housemate couldn't see me under the duvet the other morning haha.

      I wish I could get my old duvet back but I threw it away :-(
      I have literally tried everything, pillow mist, Kalms, Nytol, aaaaarrrggghhh!! haha

      It was 3am this morning when I finally fell asleep, and I only got up 30 mins ago, I feel like I've wasted my morning.

      Hope you're having a good weekend so far


  2. I don't think you're crazy at all... I sleep better under a down comforter and obviously that isn't practical in the summer.... There is definitely something about the weight on top of you and the feel of the material on your pillow that eases you into sleep...

  3. I hope you start sleeping better soon! Adjusting to new sleeping conditions can really be hard!

  4. Let me just say, I love that you have a onesie! lol I throw mine on, on those lazy days and it's the best :) Anywho, I found your blog via a GFC blog hop and I'm one of your newer followers. I look forward to reading your future posts! and hoping that insomnia's subsided/ended