Thursday, 24 January 2013

Need some air, need some space, need some air, need some space...

I’m home, eaten dinner and I’ve been sat relaxing with my housemates enjoying a relaxing drink…aaaand it was only 7:30pm when that started. That’s a definite improvement on the last couple of nights.  

Today has been a pretty good day at work, although I left my work with my head spinning tonight.  I really wanted to go to the mall tonight but I just couldn’t handle the idea of battling through even the smallest of crowds of people.  So tonight it was come home and get all the necessities out of the way and just relax with my housemates.

Work is getting more and more hectic with more complex cases coming my way.  I love a challenge and I love my job and all the kids I work with but there are so many things going on that I am having countless conversations and decision making meetings more than once a day.  There is literally always something that comes up.  The good thing for me and my professional development is that my Manager and his Manager have both told me today I'm doing a great job and that I need to get my progression folder completed because it will give me not only more money to reflect my ability but the recognition of no longer being just qualified and getting a new brand new job title haha...I think it's a sneaky way of giving me even more work if I'm honest haha.

Last night I went to my friends 30th birthday party, I went out for drinks the night before that and last night was another late night...who has a birthday party on a Wednesday??? come on!! haha
I had a great time as always...I had a few drinks and was singing "I wanna be drunk when I wake up" (Ed Sheeran's Drunk).  
As always my blog wouldn't be complete without some photographs of what I get up to:

Me and the birthday boy!! One of my best friends

Someone thought it would be good to sit on MY knee!! haha

The best gay boyfriend a girl could ask for

Mean face!

Yeah I'm so cool! haha

Arrive at the party and straight in for a pic with the birthday boy

Such posers haha

Me and my beautiful friend

Clearly I couldn't get enough pics with the birthday boy

Was there a party here or something?

 Tonight has been a chill out night and it's been so nice.  Just me and my house mates.  We were watching a documentary earlier called "Inside Death Row".  Some of the stuff is quite simply astonishing, the documentary has had us gripped for the past two weeks and one of the most legendary journalists in the UK did the documentary - Sir Trevor McDonald...that man is a legend!! 

Other than that it's been a night of drinks, music and planning the next few months.  I have basically been bullied into going to a music concert next month housemates caught me off guard when they asked me and I unknowingly said yes to it and then when I realised what I'd agreed to I was a ashamed of myself's not as bad as I'm making out.  I quite like the band group, it's just not the most credible band to say you're going to see haha.
We also have Creamfields in August!  I am excited for that.  Camping and a music festival what more can I ask for...the last couple of days when I have been listening to my iphone in my car driving to and from work and some of my favourite songs have come on...they make me want to dance.  Not going to lie I tend to dance while sat down driving (safely of course).

I feel I have so much more to write but have very little energy tonight so I'm going to leave you with one of the songs that makes me think of creamfields...


  1. You look gorgeous in those pics! I love your hair! I think we all need a little time to wind down, but it seems like the effort you're putting in your job will pay off :)

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  3. Thanks for sharing some amazing pics. Looks like it was a top night out. I'm your latest follower from the Aloha Friday Blog hop so come over and say hi!

  4. Lol! I'm with on the Wednesday thing, my girlfriend had a BDay celebration on a wed. and we didn't make in until like 3 am and had to go to work the next day… we were all tired as ever…. You're such pretty girl btw :)

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    Maya D

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