Sunday, 13 January 2013

So busy and a little reality check

What a busy week!  It's taken until today for me to sit down and feel like writing (yesterday's Liebster Award Post not included haha).

I have been so tired this week and have barely had time to do anything. 

I think that I have dealt with the sleeping issues I'd been having.  I don't toss and turn for hours I fall asleep quite easily and sleep through most of the night.  I have sprayed so much of my pillow mist though haha...I'm leaving nothing to chance haha.

My boxes are arriving twice a week now, I get them delivered on Tuesdays and Friday's. My friend (who I sit next to at work) and me play a little game the day before my box arrives.  It's called "Let's guess what treats Caite has in her box this time".  OK, so it's not a great game but she's a super healthy eater and we like to amuse ourselves during the working day haha.

On Thursday I drove about 450 miles round trip.

My route yesterday - just a little cross country jaunt haha
Sadly I didn't get to go home to visit my family, this was a work related trip to Wales. The journey wasn't too bad if I'm honest, I got to take my time heading down there...I treated myself to a Costa Hot Chocolate and a toastie to keep me going...(and a redbull of course haha)

After two hours of an assessment I was heading back again! Usually I get to stay over but this time around I wasn't able to, so at 6pm I was heading back home.  I finally made it home just after 9pm...I managed to make up some time because it should have taken me at least 3.5 - 4 hours to get home. 

I love going to Wales and always feel at home when I'm there regardless of where I am, it doesn't have to be my home town.  The downside of my trip was not having the time to see my family.  My Dad, Step-Mum and Foster Brother and Sister live an hour east to where I was visiting.  On my way to my destination I had a phone call from my foster sister asking me if I was coming to visit her.  I hated having to say no to her.  She was so disappointed when I told her I had to go to see another little girl because she needed me to visit and help her. 

The heart breaking moment for me was i could hear the quiver in her voice as though she was about to cry and said "Caite you're always helping and visiting other children, why can't you come and visit me more". I tried to reassure her by saying these children didn't have many people to help them and that she had our Dad and her Mum to help her.  But in reality the reason I'm working with the children in the first place is the same reason my Foster Brother and Sister live with my Dad and Step-Mum...they have been subjected to conditions, circumstances and other things that have deemed it inappropriate and unsafe for them to live with their birth parents.  That conversation broke my heart and there's nothing worse than feeling like that when you're alone with your thoughts on a long journey home.

It's easy for me to zip home to see my Mum, Step-Dad and Step Brothers because they're an hour or so away but going home to Wales to see my family there takes a lot more time and planning.  It was a huge reality check for me that I need to head home a little more often.  My parents understand that I am busy, they're proud of me for my academic achievements and that I am starting out my career, it's just not so easy explaining it to a child who just wants you to visit her.

On Friday I was needed in two places at once work wise.  Thankfully my new Manager was able to step in and help me and attend one thing for me while I did something else.  I had to go in front of a panel of Heads of Service's within the organisation I work for and present a case for additional resources.  It's the second time I'd presented at the panel and thankfully the Chair of the panel and a couple of the others knew me from my first time presentation.  The ones that knew me all like me (I had a meeting with one of the women the same day of my first presentation and she was singing my praises to my service manager haha) and they had said how well I presented to them and how confident and informative I was in my reasoning why I needed the funding for additional resources. So it made my second time of presenting not so nervous.

After my presentation I made a quick trek across the city and took over from my Manager.  This situation meant I had to deal with my barrister and other legal reps.  It's always so funny attending court because the guys are always competing with each other to outwit the other and band around legal jargon left right and centre. 

Friday was also my first cheat of non-healthy eating.  I had McDonalds, I know I knowwww, it's not good!!! haha...but I enjoyed it. 

Yesterday I was out running errands, writing my liebster award blog post and then went for dinner and drinks with the girls.  It wasn't a crazy or heavy night out, just a great Indian meal (one of my favourites) and a few drinks.  I was able to catch up with some friends I hadn't seen for a while too and to have a bit of a gossip.

Today I have a day of nothing and it feels great.  I have forgotten the last time I had nothing to do and so I'm going to spend it making a nice lunch for the girls and then relax and watch some TV and maybe even afternoon nap...perfect!!

Last night I was dancing away with the girls and this song was ironic as this is the song I've had stuck in my head all week and have been singing the same lines (i'm at a paaaaayphone trying to call home, all of my change I spent on you) over and over again in the house to my housemates and my friends groan at me and always say to me - "you're home and payphones here don't accept change now, use your mobile phone", it got a few laughs when it was played last night...

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