Monday, 28 January 2013

Sunday is definitely my day of rest...

...well...after doing a few errands.

Last night was a lot of fun and a late night again but it was so nice to sleep in.  I have pretty much "cured" my period of insomnia and I'm sleeping really well these days.  I still wake up a few times in the night (and have a conversation via imessage haha) but other than that I'm sleeping better.

After sleeping in I did a few errands around the house with the girls and then it was a little bit of relaxing haha.  I take good care of myself in general with health eating and exercising but every so often I like to spend some time just concentrating on myself.  At times I feel a little guilty for spending a little bit of money on myself and a little time on myself but the weather has been so crappy recently, I thought why the hell not?

So today I've treated myself to a little bit of pampering.  I consider my hair one of my best attributes and I like to look after it and as you can see from my pictures on here I style my hair quite a bit whether it be straight, curly, pony tail, braided etc...Whenever I wash my hair on a regular day I use two different shampoos and one conditioner, but a couple of times a month I like to treat my hair to a deep cleanse shampoo and then a deep cleanse conditioning treatment. It gets rid of any build up in my hair from products and styling and makes my hair super soft.

Every 2-3 months I also whiten my teeth.  I know it may sound like I am vain but the whitening of my teeth is because one of my biggest down falls is diet coke and I don't like the idea that it stains my teeth.  I know, I know diet coke isn't good for you regardless but it's my only real vice.  I don't smoke, I have never done drugs and yes I drink but other than that, diet coke is my only vice.

So as I'm writing I have my mouth shields in with the gel working away on both my top and bottom teeth haha.  My housemates keep laughing at me saying I look like a duck because of the tabs sticking out of my mouth while the shields are in my mouth haha.

Today I have also been make up free and I have had a face mask on, again doing a deep cleanse of my pores and refreshing my skin.  After that I had a shower and again used some of my favourite shower gels and body scrubs.  Then it was time for the body butters and face moisturiser.

It's been really nice to just relax and pamper myself, I know at the start of my blog I said I feel a little guilty spending so much time and effort and money on myself but thinking about it and from talking about it with my housemates, I figure I should do these things because no one else is going to pamper me and look after me, so it might as well be me that does it haha.

No make up!!

I'll leave you with a quick story which will probably divide people's will either make you laugh or think I'm gross...last night I picked up my friend in my car so she could come out with us.  I got a new car three months ago and it was brand had just 3 miles on it.  When she got in it back in October she commented on it smelling of "new car"...she got in it last night and said..."it still smells of new car", I was surprised and said "really? because I'll be honest, I've trumped in it a lot in the last 3 months, so I'm impressed it smells of new car still" hahaha. - sorry, I couldn't resist!!

I hope everyone has had a good weekend.


  1. I have taken lots of stuff to sleep and I will say that melatonin and the tablet with calcium, magnesium, and zinc is better than the stuff that makes you feel like you are in a coma- that way you can wake up for work or a class or simply not sleep walk! haha
    kelly from friday link up- saying hi!

  2. Pampering yourself is always important, if you do not do it... none else would :) Plus you know what you want so might as well get some of those ticked off your list. I have a 2 year old girl who likes to wake every night and try to come into our bed. So I hardly get a good night sleep.
    I am following you now and would love for you to follow along.

  3. Hi Caite, I'm your newest follower (found you through the blog hop)
    TaLou @

  4. you definitely have to take the time to take care of your self. (:

    glad to have found your cute blog from the hop!