Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Do you smell smoke???

The student survived!! She made it through the day with me at work and even said that she enjoyed the day and had learnt a lot...AND even told me that she admired what I did...I'm not sure if that was just to massage my very small  ego or if she meant it.  Either the way one of our admin ladies had picked up on it while we were all sat eating lunch together and then later teased me saying "Caite your student said she admired you earlier, are you sure she was talking about you or have you been on your best behaviour?" ... I replied with "I don't think she was talking about me because lets face I am never on my best behaviour". 

Me and my student had time to stop our work with a little Costa treat!

I managed to pick up another job earlier Manager called me today to talk through a couple of things and I told him about it and he was very wary of it because he thought I was going to be leaving and then I explained it would be for just a couple of hours per week or even just a couple of hours per month and he was fine with it.  He eventually liked it because it meant I was building working relationships with other services...Sooooo my new job is working with a local charity that helps children and their families in need of help and assistance whether it be with clothes, day trips for the children who don't get the opportunity to leave the town to some bigger household items.  I went to see a woman at work earlier about something completely unrelated and we got into a conversation about what my experience and previous history was and I was being invited to help and join the committee.  I actually thought why on earth not?  It'll be great experience and it'll look great on my CV / Resume, so I'm off to my first meeting in a couple of weeks.

The last few days something really weird has been happening to matter where I am or what I'm doing I can smell smoke right under my nose.  It's starting to freak me out...I don't smoke, no one in my house smokes, my friends at work don't smoke and I generally don't go anywhere smokey yet all I can smell is smoke.  Sometimes it's stronger than other times but sometimes I get a really strong waft of smoke.  I'm convinced that I have a ghost following me around of someone who used to smoke when they were alive but it's only been in the last few days that this has been weird!!

Now it's time to enjoy the BRIT Awards...Love this music award ceremony...and I'm loving that the actual BRIT awards are designed by Damien Hirst and they have my favourite thing in the world on them...POLKA DOTS haha

BRIT Awards 2013


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