Monday, 18 February 2013

I think I'm officially getting old!!!....

....Haha!  Yup this 25 year old "spring chicken" is getting old!!!  I went out with the girls from work on Saturday night and I felt a little rough yesterday morning, but this morning...WOW! I felt like I wanted to throw up and my head was pounding...I had a 2 day hangover!!!!!

The girls at work thought it was hilarious especially the ones who are older than me and had no hangover!  I blame the crazy coloured drinks that I shared with one of the girls.

I did have a great night though.  I hardly ever get food after the night at a local takeaway but a couple of the girls wanted food so we found a little place which was soooooo busy.  The food was questionable and with the news that our supermarkets have found horse DNA in our beef burgers in store it led to us joking (kind of haha) that our food was random animals because it was awful food.

My friend stayed over and ended up sleeping on our was me that drove her home in her little black dress...we made it to her house via McDonalds haha.  We demolished breakfast wrap meals with nooooo problem haha.

I made it through the first day back at work though with relative ease after eating my body weight in chocolate croissants in the morning and taking a few painkillers haha!!

It was nice to be back in the office after a week off.  I have had a relaxing time while I was on leave from work but boy have I crammed a lot into a week haha.  Sweden was amazing, relaxing and just awesome. 

After a couple of hours back in the office it was like I had never been away but I wasn't really complaining.

Tonight is a relaxation night, no plans other than watching TV, eating take out Chinese and hanging out with my housemates...pretty perfect for tonight I think.


  1. omg i totally know how you feel!!!
    I cant even stay out late anymore and i def cant drink like i use 2!! so so sad :-(

    Stumbled onto your blog via the blog hop!
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  2. Now following via GFC keep up the good work :) I love relaxing nights just need face masks!

    -angelica @

  3. Hello! Lovely blog :-) I found you on the blog hop! Now I'm following. Feel free to visit my blog, and follow if you like. I love all types of blogs, but mine focuses on makeup. Hope you like it!
    P.S. Drink lots of water while drinking to fight off a hangover!! Hope you feel better! LOL! Cheers!

  4. I'm a new follower so I thought I'd say hi. Sounds like you had a pretty great night, despite the hangover. And seriously, aren't days of doing nothing but lazing around absolutely perfect after nights of drinking?

    xo Ami
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  5. Love your blog :D - I really like how you write!

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