Tuesday, 26 February 2013

If I were a boy...

...I'd be a RACING CAR DRIVER HAHA...I am a bit of a Speedy Gonzalez...

I am so tired! I just got back from another 450 mile round trip...all for a 45 minute appointment for work.  Insanity right???  It's been such a stressful trip I must have gone through about 20 different sets of road works, then there was the girl who thought it was funny to stay in the outside lane and not let me pass and then when she finally did she moved back in the outside lane flashing her lights and giving me the finger...such an idiot!

I eventually made it to where I was going, a 45 minute appointment and then back on the road I went...it wasn't going too bad until I was just 18 miles from home...BOOM...traffic jam.  It took me an hour to drive 18 miles...AN HOUR!!! Haha...I was trying to be patient but after spending 8 hours in the car enough was enough haha.

I was so bored I had made my voice hoarse because I had spent the time I was driving singing and singing!  The car was a hire car so it didn't have the same stuff as my car.  My car is by no means a massively high end car but it's only 4 months old and I had the car made to my specifications and it's my little bit of luxury...so I had to make CD's for the hire car because my Iphone couldn't be hooked up to the car...I ended up singing to the same 20 songs for the whooooole 8 hours haha...as much as I love the songs I put on the CD I don't mind not hearing them for a while haha.

I think it's time to watch TV now and refuse to think for the rest of the night haha.


  1. Hello, a new visitor and new follower of your polka dotted blog. Very amusing colors! Wow, that must have been a relieving joy ride!!! Singing your heart out to the wind...

    Happy Sunny day!

  2. Cute post--I like your idea of kicking back and thinking about nothing for the rest of the day! My work day is almost over and that's my plan once I'm home :)

    I'm your newest follower from the Aloha Friday blog hop! Can't wait to read more!!

  3. Traffic jams are the worst! I hate when you're trying to get home but you just can't!

    I'm your newest follower from the blog hop. Excited to read more!


  4. Aloha honey! I would loathe having to drive such a long distance for a touch and go meeting!! You are a cool girl! I'm following you via Gfc, hope you'll stop by and share some love whenever you like! Love, Coco

  5. Oh man I hate when people drive slow in the fast lane-people are such bad drivers! I drive a long way for work every day sadly, and I see so many of them!

    Found this post through Nykki Talks Beauty's post in our Weekly Round-Up. She shared it because it was so awesome! :)

  6. Hello! Newest follwer here! I love your blog!

    Sofia at http://eagles3396.blogspot.com/