Tuesday, 5 February 2013


I am so excited! I have some time booked off work and I had plans for my time off but now something even more exciting is happening...I'M GOING TO STOCKHOLM!!! haha...to continue the birthday celebrations that have been going on within my friends there are a group of us going to Stockholm.

I was invited when it was originally being planned but had to turn it down due to having something else planned but that isn't happening now and I am excited for the plans we have.  We have hired out what I would call a cottage for a few days...I have never been to Sweden.  I love travelling so this is right up my street in terms of fun.

The Swedish are known here as being some of the most friendliest...and most beautiful people in the world...so maybe I'll find myself a gorgeous Swedish man who will whisk me off my feet haha.

I have been so excited all afternoon that I have not really been the most productive and have been instagramming silly pics and googling Sweden, Stockholm etc haha.  I even finished work early today, it's been a pretty awesome day all around....woooooooooooo!!!

Now time to get myself ready to go and celebrate one of my bestie's birthdays...

Love this girl!  Chloe - AKA Anna Nicole haha


  1. that is so exciting I absolutely love to travel but have never been to sweden!

    new follower via friday bloghop :)