Friday, 15 February 2013

My little valentines

...for yesterday!!!

It's been a few days since I updated my blog.  It's been a busy few days too.

Yesterday was Valentines Day and I am currently in Wales visiting my Dad, Step Mum and my Foster Brother and Sister.

I arrived back from Stockholm yesterday and drove straight to Wales.  It's so nice to be here.

My little sister has pretty much not left my side since I arrived.  My Step Mum arranged with school that I would be the one picking my sister up but she didn't know.  I went into her class room to collect her and I was greeting with her squealing in excitement and shouting "CAAAAAAIIIIIIITTTTTTEEEEEE".  After running up to me and flinging her arms around me she proudly told her teacher that "This is my sister Miss".

It made me smile that she was so excited to see me.  People who regularly read my blog will know that last month I had to drive to Wales for work but didn't have time to see family and my little sister was heartbroken that I was always helping other children but didn't have time for her.  So I was so happy that I could spend my Valentines Day with her and my family.

At home I was surprised with Valentines gifts from my little brother and Dad and Step-Mum had bought some red roses and oriental lilies and some Marc de Champagne chocolates for sister is the younger of my brother and sister and she found it such a big game sneaking around the house planning on how to spring the flowers and chocolates on me.  I don't have a significant other to have been spending Valentines day with, but that simply didn't matter because I couldn't have asked to spend the day with anyone else other than my family.

My beautiful flowers from my adorable little valentines
Tonight we have been out for dinner with extended family for a 80th birthday.  I can't describe how much I love being back in Wales.  I love spending time with my family especially I don't get to see them very often.  Spending the evening with some of my older family members means I have been putting my Welsh speaking skills to good use.  My friends back at home where I live and work are going to know I have been back home in Wales because my accent is always a little more Welsh sounding when I return.

Birthday Cake...complete with the Welsh Flag #patriotic haha

Before I got to Wales I went away for a few days with friends.  We went to Stockholm and OH WOW!!!  What an amazing city and Sweden...what an amazing country.  I had such a great time.  We did some sight seeing, ate so much great food and had a ball in the house we rented and outside in the snow...and of course the outdoor sauna haha.

It was so nice to get away and have some time away from work and get some much needed relaxation. I highly recommend visiting Stockholm if you haven't already.

Tomorrow is the long drive back home and I'll be back in time for an afternoon snooze before getting ready to go out for a work night out.  Going out with the girls from work is always fun...the last time I went out with them I ended up very drunk, and in a swimming pool at 4am!! I'm really looking forward to it...It's going to be messy haha. 


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