Monday, 4 February 2013

You must not know 'bout me...

Busy day today but it was a successful day!

Once I finally made it into the office there were the usual random conversations and laughter.  I had a couple of crappy days but I honestly have great friends both in work and outside of work that made me feel so much better and made me realise that things weren't worth any stress or upset.

I got my daily hug from no not the singer, but the guy at work who wants me to have his baby! Random right? He's in a relationship, but always gives me Caite hugs, always tells me we should have a baby together, he tells me "with your looks, brains and humour Caite I would have a great child" haha...fear not though, I am not about to embark on some great affair with a guy in a relationship, not my style for a sort...and Mr Will!! haha so its all in good fun and his way of making me smile when I have a rough day.

I'm so sleepy tonight and was planning to be asleep by 10:30pm (it's 10:36pm as I'm writing this)...but...

I think I drank too much peach juice

I ate too much at dinner time

I then proceeded to eat a Muller Chocolate Orange Yoghurt (which are soooo good)

and I'm writing my blog so I'm aiming to be asleep by 11.
I am in desperate need of some sleep! Last night I was awake at 5am and eating chocolate in bed!

Let's hope I get some sleep tonight...I didn't watch the Super Bowl last night, it's nothing something that interests me being a non-American but I believe Beyonce looked awesome and sounded awesome last night so I thought I would share my favourite Beyonce songs because they are great attitude songs when you want to send a message to someone haha...enjoy!!!


  1. yes...few things are worth the stress!! wishing you a peaceful night sleep and good day at work tomorrow.
    I am your newest follower from the hop..pls follow back if your can..

  2. Definitely 2 of my favorites, and eventhough I'm happily married, they still need to get that message sometimes :-). Get some rest, and keep it moving!!! I found your blog over on The Things We Find Inside blog hop and I am a new follower. Happy Dreams!!!