Friday, 15 March 2013

I bet they couldn't have a zoo in there

This is my 3rd possibly my 4th attempt at writing this blog and every time I start it I never really progress with it haha.

I can't believe it's been over a week since I last wrote a blog post.  The last week has gone by so quickly because things have been a little hectic.

Last weekend I went for dinner with friends and then to an event at the "most versatile venue", although I can assure you there is nothing versatile about the venue haha.  We were sat eating dinner laughing about the name of the venue and being silly saying "it can't be the most versatile venue because I bet they couldn't hold a rodeo in there" or "I bet they couldn't have a zoo in there". We found it funny but I think it was one of those times when you had to be there to find it funny and I think you had to see the venue to understand why we were making fun of it.  I wish I had taken a picture to put on here.

Sunday we had a visitor in the shape of my housemates brother, his wife and their little 4 month old baby boy.  Yup you've guessed it, being all girls in my house we went all googly eyed and girlie at the sight of a baby in the house haha. I definitely got my fair share of cuddles and giggles with the didn't make me too broody juuuust yet though haha.

This week at work has been busy but fun too.  Our team had been a little dysfunctional for a while with some spats amongst members and with a change in Manager at the start of the year but things seem to be more settled and we are starting to work better as a team.

We've also had our house re-decorated this week. Rather than taking it one room at a time we have had the house done all at once so the house has been in dis-array from having to move everything around the house.
My room was decorated yesterday and thankfully I was able to put the majority of my stuff back in its place and after work today I put the final bits and pieces in their way.  It's nice to have order back in my room and house.

It's Friday night and I'm having a nice relaxing night.  I'm watching TV with my friends, it's Comic Relief night / Red Nose Day

This is a huge fundraising event that happens every 2 years and has been taking place since 1985. There's always a TV show on from around 7pm until the early hours with celebrities doing silly / fun / serious things to raise as much money as possible.  Early tonight the singer Jessie J shaved all her hair off to raise money for  the charity.

As with any telethon there are a number of heart breaking videos that show you the good work that the charity does but also the areas of the UK and Africa that the charity is trying to help and what is still to do to make the lives of people better.  As always that means they are heart wrenching and I cried!  It devastates me seeing children in the world suffering in the way they do.  Hearing the story that a Mother was given a bag to carry her dead child home in a taxi because the taxi drivers would allow her in their taxi's if they didn't is absolutely devastating and horrible.  Those words don't do those kind of things and tragic circumstances justice.

Me and Coco all snuggled up watching Comic Relief



  1. Sounds like you have been busy! It's a pain to have to move out, but it nice to just be out of order for a while and get it all done at once. I am visiting from Friendship Friday.

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