Wednesday, 20 March 2013

I see you...

...with the help of contact lenses or glasses!!  Not quite the same as the song (I see you baby, shaking that ass, shaking that ass....haha) but it kinda fits so I'm going with it anyway.

Next month I am taking the brave (scary and possibly silly) step to no longer needing contact lenses or glasses.  That's right I'm having laser eye surgery.  I had my assessment a couple of weeks ago and was told that I was suitable for the surgery.  I was quoted £3190 for the Lasik Intralase Wavefront surgery, the woman blinded (excuse the pun haha) me with lots of scientific information and NASA information to try and convince me it was the right move.  She didn't have to bother with the bombarding of information, I had already set my mind on having the surgery.

I got a discount of almost £1000 and the cost is now £2295, still expensive but definitely better. I was told that the whole surgery process would take just 10 minutes...crazy to think that it takes 10 minutes to correct my eyes.  After the surgery I have to stay in the clinic for 2-3 hours and then I'll be allowed home and need just two days off work and I'll be able to see clearly within hours or so of the operation.

The woman had mentioned about watching the video on the company's website to see the surgery in progress.  I just googled it and I got about 10 seconds into the surgery video and I got a little bit squeamish and had to stop it.  I think it's best for me if I don't know what happens to me before the actual surgery and maybe after I've had the surgery and I can see clearly I'll actually watch the video and find out what process I went through.  I'm much better with the process of the unknown when it comes to things like that haha.

I am really excited about the prospect of my eyes being corrected and not being reliant on contact lenses or glasses, I'm also really quite nervous about it all.

I did ask the technician if I would go blind throughout the surgery...he laughed at me (I don't blame him because the tone in which I asked him was quite amusing).  His response after laughing at me was..."you'd be the first person to go blind if you did"...I joked to my friend and the technician that it would be just my luck that I would be the first person to go blind from eye surgery!!!!

There's a few more weeks before I have laser watch this space on how it goes haha

Geeeeeeks!!! haha


  1. I had eyelaser surgery in October last year hun! 100 zillion per cent worth it!! Xxx

    1. Did it hurt? Could you tell what was happening? I know it will be totally worth it but it's the whole lasering the layer off that scares me. xx

    2. You can't feel a thing during procedure and it's all over in about a minute. I'm not going to lie though it did hurt once the anastectic wore off. But I went to sleep as soon as I got home and when I woke a couple of hours later the pain had gone and I could already see improvement.
      The only crap thing is that you can't wear makeup for a week and no eyemakeup for 2 weeks!!

      Honestly now it is the best thing I've ever done! Good luck hun! xx

  2. i don't know how i found you, but girl, i just had that SAME interlase procedure last february!!!! I"M SO EXCITED FOR YOUR NEW EYEBALLS! i wore glasses since i was 5, and finally at 26 was able to fix those puppies.. just ask for a little extra anxiety meds and BOOM! you'll be a happy little lady staring at some green light for all of what feels like 10 secs for each eye (: good luck and enjoy your new eyes!!!!!!

  3. You are so brave! My dad had laser eye surgery years ago. Like, at least 10 years ago. He's constantly telling me to do it (I swear by my contact lenses). But, I just remember him coming home from the surgery and having to wear these huge black sunglasses for a few days and he couldn't leave the house till his eyes had recovered. I'm guessing you have to take a few days off work to do it? But then again, that was so long ago, things may be different now. I'm excited to read about how it goes for you! I'd wish you luck, but you wont need it. It'll go great. :)

  4. How exciting! Just think of the money you'll save not having to buy contacts & glasses! Anyone I know that has had it done swears by it! Hopped over from the Aloha Friday Blog Hop!

  5. Oh wow, are you really going to do that? FAB I'll be watching to see how it goes. Maybe I'll do it too! Hailing from Friendship Friday. I'm also your latest follower. Nice to meet you! Have a great weekend.

  6. You look pretty with glasses. Good luck with the laser surgery.

  7. I decided I'm okay with wearing glasses, but I'm probably twice your age, and I don't have to wear them all the time anyway. I'm farsighted in my left eye only. Farsightedness is pretty common in middle age, but having it in only one eye was giving me headaches because my right eye was compensating. However, being farsighted, I don't have to wear glasses to work on the computer. I do have to wear them when driving. And when reading fine print, but that's another malfunction of middle age altogether.