Monday, 18 March 2013

On the Police radar???

I have finally recovered from the weekend.  I'm not Irish but like so many people I celebrated St Patrick's Day over the weekend.

Saturday I went out with the girls and I had a fun time.  Funny story before the night really friend who wasn't drinking was parking her car and I went to the meter to pay for the parking.  As I was stood there a guy asked me how much it was to park.  I told him and he went back to his car and his friends.  A few seconds later as I was walking back to my friends car one of the guys went to pay to park and the first guy that actually spoke to me asked me what it was like.  Totally confused I asked him what what was like?  He said what's it like here in the city on a night out, we have never been here before.  I told him what it was like and said good things about the city and was getting ready to walk away from the conversation.  His friend then asked the guy speaking to me if he had 10pence because he didn't want to put another £1 coin in the meter for the sake of 10 pence.  So being the nice person I am I gave him 10 pence from the change I had in my hand.  He thanked me and said "if I see you in the bars I'll give you your 10 pence back".  I laughed and assured him it was fine and I could stand the 10 pence.  At this point the guy asking me what the city was like invited me for a drink with the three guys.  I thanked them and said no thank you I'm with my friend and we were meeting other people....nice situation right? to be invited for drinks with guys, I am single after would be a lovely situation...if these guys hadn't been old enough to be my Father hahaha.
My friends got a good kick out of the story that the men I'm attracting are old enough to be my Dad haha.

Regardless of that it was a fun night and it was nice to be out with the girls.

Saturday night's outfit

Me and one of my besties

Sunday started with me going to the gym to work on my bikini body for the summer haha.  Then it was a bit of a relaxing morning and early afternoon.  Then Chloe and I went out for a late lunch.  It was a nice relaxing time and we enjoyed some calamari and then we ordered two pizzas and split them so we could half and half it.  We're like an old married couple haha.

Food was great but my face is saying something else



Old married couple - love this girl

She loves to pose haha

Maybe I do too haha

Somehow I was easily influenced and it was a quick change and back out again last night to celebrate St Patrick's Day with some more friends.  I had a few drinks and a lot of fun.

Today started off slow because I was so tired.  I was out and about for work today and I swear the Police have a radar on my car haha.  Everywhere I seem to go recently there is a Police car not too far behind or far away haha.  I must have seen about 10 Police cars today haha.  I must have also crashed into a LOT of invisible buses today on the motorway with the amount of drivers sat in the middle lane of the motorway overtaking absolutely...NOTHING!!! I'm pretty laid back but that is one thing that frustrates me. Now it's time to reeeeeeeeeeelax!


  1. hey there. Yea I attract that kind of guys too or guys way younger than me. its not right. LOL

    glad you had a good weekend. Check out today's post and be sure to ask me some questions that you'd like to know about me. thanks.

  2. You and your friends are gorgeous! I'm sure you attract all sorts of guys.

    Yay for gym time! If you have any good workout tips, be sure to share! I'm trying to spice up my own workout routine.


  3. Oh yuck nothing worse than being chat up by the grandad brigade!! Haha! I have serious hair envu when I see your pics! It's amazing!xx

  4. Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Award!

    For details, please follow this link:


  5. I'm over fifty and hardly a beauty queen, but I have guys who are younger than my son hit on me. Rather than feeling complimented, it kind of weirds me out. Guess all the nice gentlemen my age are taken.