Saturday, 20 April 2013

Six Word Saturday!!

I haven't participated in this for a couple of weeks but it's Saturday so here I am...


Yesterday was the day!

After weeks of waiting I finally got to have my laser eye surgery.

However it was not without it hitches and problems.

I was pretty nervous to start with because I have had so much time to think about it since my initial assessment and consultation.  My friend who was driving me there and I had some lunch and then did a little bit of shopping before we headed to my appointment.

I had my scans and tests done again so they had the most accurate readings and prescriptions and I had a chat with the nurses and they put me at ease when I asked the questions like "Am I going to go blind?".
I then got called to meet my surgeon and asked the same question! He also put me at ease and I was ready to go...and then came the sucker punch..."I have some bad news, the laser has broken down and we are waiting for someone to come and repair it".

This could seriously only happen to me haha!

Then I got taken to another room by the surgery manager who explained to me in more detail what had happened and how they were waiting for an engineer was due to arrive.  It should have taken him an hour to arrive, it took 3 hours for the engineer to arrive.

As I was sat waiting in the waiting room with my friend a guy came in and asked if I was waiting for surgery and if it was the first time of having the surgery.  I said it was and he said he was there for the 4th time because he had surgery for one thing to be corrected but it did something to other parts of his vision and needed further surgery...grrrrrrreat...just what I needed to hear.  First the laser is broken down, now someone is sat there saying he was back because something went wrong haha.

At this point there was still no sign of the engineer, another person came and sat near us and she was also here for further surgery because she had had it done 2 years ago and she was still having problems...This was not boding well for me and my nervousness.

After five hours of waiting, the engineer managed to fix the laser, there were a few people ahead of me.  There were a group of us sat around in the waiting room together chatting away laughing about the fact that the laser had broken down and how we would come out afterwards and if we would be OK.  After a few people had been in, it was time for me to go in.

I walked into the room, took my glasses off, had a hair net put on and some cotton pads over my ears.  I laid down and had one of the nurses clean my eye lids and around my eyes.  She then put some anaesthetic drops in my eyes, cleaned my eyes again and then the surgeon came at me!!

The type of surgery I had was Intralase Wavefront Lasik surgery which is the top surgery that the company offered and involved a flap being created on my eye so I had to have my eye clamped open and then a suction ring attached to my eye to allow for the laser to cut the flap.  That lasted about 15 seconds and it was really weird at that point after it had been done because I could see the flap being lifted off my eye because it went blurry.  The same was done to my left eye.

Then I was moved to the other laser and the surgeon put some form of wash all over my eye.  I wasn't expecting that and was a bit of a shock when I felt some watery solution run down my face and back of my neck.  I had my eye clamped open again and was asked to focus on an orange flashing light while the laser did its thing.  After that was done the surgeon put the flap back over my eye.  That was really weird because although I couldn't feel anything I could see the surgeon using what I described to friends and family as a PVA glue spreader we used in art class at school to smooth the flap over my eye.

I described my left eye as the intelligent eye because I squirmed a little bit when that eye was being treated...but that's because it knew what was happening / coming.

It took about 15 minutes from entering the treatment room to leaving the room.  When it was over I was surprised how quick it was over.

I honestly didn't feel any pain, there was some pressure applied when they were creating the flap but other than that it wasn't too bad.

I was taken into a post-treatment room and the surgeon checked my eyes and said I was fine and then the surgery manager took me into another side room, my friend joined me and listened to the advice and things that I had to do.  This was because she was telling me how soon my eyes were going to start stinging and running like I was peeling the worlds largest onion and feel grit in my eye and that all my eyes would want to do was close.

Boy oh boy was she right.  Even throughout the conversation we were having about my eye drops and rather attractive goggles I have to sleep in at the moment, my eyes started to water, close, hurt etc.  I'm so glad my friend was with me to listen because I simply couldn't concentrate on it.

As I was walking out the artificial lighting really hit me.  I was walking out I was seriously struggling and I had to walk out the shopping centre with sunglasses 9PM!!! I was so embarrassed especially as I started going all hot, weak and thought I was going to pass out.  I went and stood outside to try and get some air and regain my composure and I have never felt so out of it in my life.  People walking past me must have thought I was such a weirdo...I'd just come out of a shopping mall in sunglasses when it was dark and stood outside in the dark with the sunglasses on and crouched over as though I was drunk and feeling ill.

I was so glad to get in the car.  I struggled all the way home and had to walk around with my sunglasses on.  All I could manage was taking some pain killers and then going to bed.

My night time get up was a pair of goggles that I have to sleep in for 7 nights.  This is to stop me from touching or rubbing my eyes throughout the night.  I wasn't sure how I was going to manage wearing them but surprisingly I slept pretty much all the night through.

The very attractive goggles that I have to wear at night

The eye drops I have to put in my eyes 4 times per day for a week
I woke up this morning and I was fine, I could open my eyes, I could see with no problems.
I attended my post-op check up this morning and I read the letters on the wall and the consultant told me I had read out the bottom line far too confidently so he gave me an even smaller one which I could read no problem.
He told me I was fine to drive because I was able to read 4 times smaller than the driving standard and that I was fine to watch TV, use a laptop etc.  He also told me that just 12 hours after having my treatment I already had 20/20 vision. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! hahaha.

I have some bruising to my eyes now which are red blood lines around the Iris / Pupil area, this is from the suction ring applied to my eye to cut the flap.  The blood / bruising will go down over the next couple of weeks.  I look a little evil right now haha.

It's only been in the last couple of hours that I have been finding myself going to my nose to push my glasses up only to realise that they aren't there haha.

I am however so happy with the results after my surgery. After the weeks of waiting, and the hours of waiting yesterday the actual procedure was over very quickly and the results are great just 24 hours after the actual surgery.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Operation get better Caite!!!

I'm officially gross!! haha...I'm still feeling ill and my nose is so sore that I am using a lip balm on my nose to stop the skin look and feel like someone has sliced my nose with a 1000 paper cuts haha.  My house mates have been laughing at me tonight as I delicately run the lip balm around my nose.

I'm on "Operation get better Caite" because my eyes have now decided to get in on this crazy party in my head and on my face and my eyes are constantly streaming!! I need to be better very quickly because I have my eye surgery in a few days and I don't want to risk not being allowed to have it done because of a damn cold!!!  I will be so annoyed if that does happen!

I'm hoping when I wake up in the morning that my nose has gotten better and I don't look like Rudolph and I don't look like someone has been slicing away at the end of my nose, is there any way of preventing such an attractive look? If anyone has any tips on how to help reduce the redness or the sore skin I'd love to know.

People at work have been talking about my upcoming eye operation and I had a couple of the boys try to freak me out by talking about a movie - final destination - I have never seen the movie but from what they tried telling me today there was something about the eye being clamped open and I'm assuming it wasn't a pretty ending. Needless to say I held my hands over my ears and told them they were horrible boys and walked out of the room...didn't scare me though...well maybe just a little bit...ok ok a lot haha...roll on Friday!!!

Saturday, 13 April 2013

May cause drowsiness??? I sure hope so!!!!!!!

Boy oh boy am I feeling under the weather.

I went to bed about an hour ago and I spent all at time tossing and turning, getting frustrated that my body that is in such desperate need of rest and sleep will not actually rest and will not let me fall asleep.

I have struggled all day to breathe through my nose and the inside of my ear was itching that much that I made it bleed from rubbing and scratching away at it from the outside...not my greatest idea of course haha. I don't know what I thought I was going to achieve by trying to scratch and itch an ache that was inside my ear from the outside but it's one of those things that you just can't help a lot of the time.

I've now had to rely on waiting for the next hour while the Nytol tablets I have kick in and hopefully help me sleep. I tried not to use things to help me sleep and have just taken the usual cold and flu meds but I cannot go through another sleepless night.

While I was tossing and turning in the last hour my thoughts kept coming back to the big event happening in my life in just 5 days eye laser surgery!!!!!  I am looking forward to having it done because obviously it means I won't be reliant on contact lenses or glasses anymore but I am also starting to think about the actual procedure etc.

I think that because it has been roughly 4-5 weeks since I had my initial assessment and paid my deposit to have the surgery done it has given me a lot of time to think about it.  I am trying to imagine what it's going to be like laid in the chair or whatever it is I'm in and seeing the contraption come near me,  I try to imagine if I'm going to freak out when I'm in the chair and if I'm going to be a drama queen about it all haha.

It has been too long between the assessment and the day of the surgery for me, I think if I'd had the assessment one day and then a few days later had the surgery I would have been so much better. It would have stopped me from having all this time to think and stress about it.

I have tried to watch a video on you tube of the operation to see what is going to happen to see if it helps me but I get about 3-4 seconds into the video and kinda get all squeamish and turn it off haha.

There's no doubt in my mind that this is going to be the best thing for me but its the whole not knowing that is getting to me and the wanting the day to be here and for it to be done that I actually want to be over. I have spoken to a number of people who have had the surgery or know someone close to them who have had the surgery who say its the best thing they did and I agree with them but until I've had it done I think it's going to be only mind.

I think it's time to see if these Nytol tablets are going to work for me because I desperately need sleep haha.

Bleurgh! I'm sick!

I'm pretty sure it was only a little while since I was feeling under the weather but here I am again.  In fairness it seems like it is only a head cold but at the minute it feels like it is hovering in the background just making itself known enough to be annoying.  I have the sneezing fits, the itching inside my ear, my throat is sore and I am tired but my body just doesn't seem to want to rest for some reason

It's almost 2am here and I am nowhere near ready to go to sleep...I am definitely tired but I think I know that because my ears, throat and nose are all sore that I'm in for a late night.  I can't take any more meds just yet so I'm sat watching Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares USA until I can take more painkillers.

I have decided that I am run down from working a lot but my friend seems to think it is because I have been partying too much recently...I think he's wrong haha.

I decided to treat myself to some really nice food from Marks and Spencer for lunch...I am loving pretzels at the minute and bought a cheese one and a plain one but then I also bought a huuuuge piece of roasted red onion and gruyere cheese focaccia.  I had the pretzels tonight and the focaccia for lunch.  It definitely helped with the whole making me feel better thing I had going on throughout the day.  I may be heading to Marks and Spencer again tomorrow to get some more treats haha.

I have been neglecting my blog a little recently but my intention throughout the weekend is to start putting in a little more effort than I have.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

No drinking on a school night!!

Today has been a very good reminder why I should never go out for drinks on a school night haha.

I have been feeling terrible all day.  It was a little bit of a late night having drinks with the girls which at the time was great fun but then my alarm went off and it was time to get up.  Ugh! It didn't seem like two minutes between going to bed and being woken up by the alarm.  As with a lot of my mornings and having to get ready for work I found myself snoozing my alarm so many times.

I've had little concentration today and have been yawning away and struggled with motivation but somehow made it through the day haha.  I have had headache, been wanting to eat everything in sight and really just wanting to crawl under my desk and fall asleep!

Having cocktails and a good old gossip with the girls was definitely a good time and if I had to I would say that it was worth the slow day at work haha.

A few pics from last night: