Thursday, 11 April 2013

No drinking on a school night!!

Today has been a very good reminder why I should never go out for drinks on a school night haha.

I have been feeling terrible all day.  It was a little bit of a late night having drinks with the girls which at the time was great fun but then my alarm went off and it was time to get up.  Ugh! It didn't seem like two minutes between going to bed and being woken up by the alarm.  As with a lot of my mornings and having to get ready for work I found myself snoozing my alarm so many times.

I've had little concentration today and have been yawning away and struggled with motivation but somehow made it through the day haha.  I have had headache, been wanting to eat everything in sight and really just wanting to crawl under my desk and fall asleep!

Having cocktails and a good old gossip with the girls was definitely a good time and if I had to I would say that it was worth the slow day at work haha.

A few pics from last night:


  1. Looks like you had a very fun night! Those drinks look dangerous though! No wonder you were feeling blah today...

  2. You are so cute you have beautiful features. It looks like you had a great night ;)
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