Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Operation get better Caite!!!

I'm officially gross!! haha...I'm still feeling ill and my nose is so sore that I am using a lip balm on my nose to stop the skin look and feel like someone has sliced my nose with a 1000 paper cuts haha.  My house mates have been laughing at me tonight as I delicately run the lip balm around my nose.

I'm on "Operation get better Caite" because my eyes have now decided to get in on this crazy party in my head and on my face and my eyes are constantly streaming!! I need to be better very quickly because I have my eye surgery in a few days and I don't want to risk not being allowed to have it done because of a damn cold!!!  I will be so annoyed if that does happen!

I'm hoping when I wake up in the morning that my nose has gotten better and I don't look like Rudolph and I don't look like someone has been slicing away at the end of my nose, is there any way of preventing such an attractive look? If anyone has any tips on how to help reduce the redness or the sore skin I'd love to know.

People at work have been talking about my upcoming eye operation and I had a couple of the boys try to freak me out by talking about a movie - final destination - I have never seen the movie but from what they tried telling me today there was something about the eye being clamped open and I'm assuming it wasn't a pretty ending. Needless to say I held my hands over my ears and told them they were horrible boys and walked out of the room...didn't scare me though...well maybe just a little bit...ok ok a lot haha...roll on Friday!!!

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