Sunday, 26 May 2013

Caite's got a "sports related injury" today! haha

Oh what a night!!

Last night I went out with the girls and I had so much fun.  I did however end the night with that I think may be a broken toe! I'm not sure if I have actually broken it but underneath the toenail of my big toe it is completely black, and it is very sore.  At the minute it feels like someone is squeezing my big toe or has strapped a rock to it because it feels so heavy.  How did I do this?  Your guess is as good as mine!!  I have absolutely no idea how I managed to hurt my toe.  It was only when I got home that my friend saw my toe and asked what I'd done. At the end of the night I did walk out of the bar and through the street with no shoes on because my feet were hurting.  So the only logical explanations I can think of are that I stubbed my toe really hard on something orrrrr someone stood on my toe, either way it is very sore hahaha.

I had such a good time though and my "sports injury" as I keep calling it haha is worth it.  I think it was always going to be somewhat of a messy night when we started drinking in the apartment before we went out.  I did a smoking jagermeister or smoking jager bomb last night too...I do not like jager at all and I can't believe I actually drank it, it's always a little bit weird when you see the thing you're supposed to be drinking with smoke coming out of the glass haha.  There were bar staff walking around selling test tube shots as well in one of the bars and again, it was one of those nights where it seemed to be a good idea to drink those as well.

My Mum is a Nurse and so I called her today and told her about my toe.  With my Mum one of two things are likely to happen when I tell her stuff like this.  I get absolutely no sympathy (and quite rightly so haha) or she turns into Nurse mode and asks me if I've been to hospital to have it looked at. Today I got a mixture of, "Caite you shouldn't drink so much to not know how you've hurt yourself.  Have you been to the hospital to have it checked out? Is it sticking out the wrong way???".  Needless to say I am a trooper and I will survive this sports injury haha.

I'm back home now and I am absolutely freezing cold even though it's warm outside! When I told my Mum how cold I was with a long sleeved top on and a big jumper she just sighed at me and told me it was because I had drunk so much alcohol my blood was probably really thin and that I only had myself to blame haha.

As usual there were photos taken on our night out and my blog post wouldn't be complete without a few pictures of the night...I'll spare you from seeing the bruised toe though haha.

I thought I would be feeling worse than I do at the minute and that I would have a really bad hangover but I actually don't (my body is lulling me into a false sense of security isn't it? haha).  I think it's just tiredness at the minute because we hired an apartment for the night and I ended up sharing a room with one of the girls and I never sleep well when I'm sharing a room with friends.  I think it's because I get self conscious even though these girls are my best friends haha.  Even though I'm not feeling too bad I don't think I'll be doing anything crazy today haha.  It's probably going to be a day at home and not much else...but then again, Sunday is the day of rest right?

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