Monday, 29 July 2013

Caite and the three degrees!!!!

Sounds like a band, in fact there was a band called the Three Degrees wasn't there? haha.

Well anyway, that's pretty much something that could be very much real for me in the next few years.

I am a bit of academic!  I have an Undergraduate Degree in which I obtained a First Class Honours Degree (the highest undergrad degree in this country), not only that I have a Master's Degree and again worked hard to make sure I graduated with a Distinction (again the highest level of Master's Degree you could get).  I have always been a geek and loved studying and learning new things.  I have always worked hard to achieve what I have set out to achieve.  Don't get me wrong I lived the student life at university and it wasn't all studying in my life but I knew where I wanted to go and made sure I got there. 

Now, I have been asked if I would like go back to University and get a 2nd Master's Degree.  The place I am currently working at have asked me if I want to further my development and studying...and the best part is, they will be paying for it.  I technically don't NEED another Master's but it would help in my career development and in my long term plans it will stand me in good stead for where I want to progress to professionally.  The only question / dilemma I have right now is, do I want to commit the next 3 years to the same place of work and knowing that if I saw opportunities elsewhere I could be bound to my current place of work.  That's not the worst thing in the world but I am at a point in my life where I don't know where I am heading and what is going to come my way.  Up until this point and up until I got my Master's I always knew the path was academia in order to do the job I do now and now my life is open to interpretation!!!...Got some decisions to make I guess!!

Did they really give me a degree?


Me and my Mama

Proud Mama

The day the world agreed to give me a degree

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