Sunday, 14 July 2013

For the greater good or just a nosey parker???

It's warm!! REALLY warm out there at the minute.

So something that happened recently recently annoyed the crap out of me, so much so that I decided to take action.

I'll set the scene.  I was sat eating an ice cream (the ice cream was awesome!!!) and I watched a situation unfold.  I'm sat minding my own business and watch three guys at two cars messing around with windows, etc.  I see two elderly people, one in each of the cars.  Looking at them it was clear that they had mental health conditions such as dementia.  One person was originally sat in the front passenger seat but was moved to the back seat.  As I watched I could see the three guys figuring out how to put the child lock on in the back of the car and figuring out how to open the back passenger windows.

I watched the three men open the back window a little but make sure the back doors of the cars were locked so the two elderly people couldn't get out.  The three men even looked in my direction to make sure no one was looking at what they were doing.

Of course if the person in the front of the car had stayed where he had originally been he would have been able to leave the car with no problem but once in the back seat there was no escape when the child lock was on.

After the three guys had sorted out the child lock and windows they disappeared off into the stores that were close by.  I sat eating my ice cream talking to the person I was with.  I had been talking to them throughout watching what was happening and the fact that the three men were planning on leaving the two elderly people in the back of the car while they did their thing.

I was so annoyed by this.  The weather was already at 30 degrees Celsius / 86F and there is no way people should have been left in the cars.

These were elderly, vulnerable people.  There are so many campaigns about leaving pets in the car, and about reports of leaving young children in cars that have literally suffocated because of the heat.  These two people were no different, they were vulnerable, they were unable to verbalise their feelings and needed care and support from their carers, not being left and dumped in the cars while the carers enjoyed themselves.

After 5-10 minutes the guys had not returned and I was seriously rattled!!  I told the person I was with I was going to see if the people in the car were alright.  I had to.  My profession is ensuring people are safeguarded and are no put at risk.  Yeah I know, I work with children but safeguarding vulnerable people is a part of my remit. I walked off and walked past the cars, and then I was off!! I was searching for the owners of the cars.  I spotted them going in and out of a number stores.  As they were leaving one store and heading towards another I ran up to them and said "excuse me". They looked at me as if I was crazy.

I asked them if they owned the cars I saw, they said yes and I asked them if they were care assistants to which they replied no.  Upon hearing this I asked why there were people in their cars that they had  left if they weren't care assistants.  They couldn't answer me.  I calmly explained my profession and told them they had one of two options....they either told me the name of the company they worked for or I called the Police because what they were doing to the vulnerable people they were being paid to care for was a form of abuse.

They followed me back to their cars and tried justifying what they had done.  They told me they were going to get the elderly people food however I challenged them and said just before I approached them they had been in a clothes store and when I stopped them they were heading into another clothes store and not a food store.  They continued to try and justify their actions by saying one person wasn't able to walk for and that they had only left them for 5 minutes.

It was at this point I lost it.  I am not ashamed to say that I raised my voice.  I was in the car park shouting at them as they tried to justify everything.  It angered me more and more that they hadn't grasped the concept that these people were vulnerable people, they were left in the car in temperatures outside the car were in the late 80s and inside the car it would have been heading towards 100F or more and that they couldn't leave people in the car when they were being paid to care for these people.  They continued to justify their actions!  I'm sure they wouldn't have left a pet or child in the car so why was it acceptable for them to leave an elderly gentleman who could not verbalise this feelings in the car....IT WASN'T!!

I was seriously losing it.  I couldn't get my head round their justification and their nonchalant attitude towards the concerns I had.  I repeated if they didn't tell me what company they worked for I would report them to the Police.  I took pictures of their car registration plates and told them I would be reporting them to the police.

I honestly argued with them for 15 minutes while they tried to justify it all.  The funny part was people were stood watching or walking past but never said a word.  Its a shame that people don't feel they are able to get involved in moral or ethical situations.

I am sure some people will think I was simply sticking my nose into stuff that didn't concern me but I am sorry my profession and my own ethical and moral views and obligations meant that I could not let this situation go on and the welfare of vulnerable was more important to me than what people said to or thought of me.

I'm not ashamed  for intervening, I'm not ashamed for telling people what I thought of them and what they were doing.  I'm proud of myself for standing up for what I believe in and making sure vulnerable people are protected to the best of my ability, after all, the difficult situations and protecting people is what I signed up for!!!

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  1. Good on you! Well done for standing up to them. What is wrong with some people :(