Sunday, 28 July 2013

It's nearly the weekend again right?

Boy oh boy!  Yesterday was a fun day...I got ridiculously drunk with one of my friends!!!

We got a drink and then sat down at the table in the bar and my friend kind of did a huge sigh and said to me "I'm angry Caite". When I asked her why she replied with "I don't know, I just am, everything and everyone is getting on my nerves and I end up wanting to punch people's faces in, not you obviously but you get what I mean".

That response just had me laughing because she was so serious about it and she struggled all day to pin point what was annoying her.  I think her desire to just sit and drink was one of the reasons we got so drunk...that and I don't think we ate enough food yesterday...and the shots...ohhhhh the shots.

The shots at the end of the night tipped us over the edge I think.  I remember a girl going round the bar selling shots, she had two bottles in her hands, we had said no shots but we gave in and we had a few shots.  I would say how many, but the truth is I can't remember.  All I know is the girl sat next to me in our booth because we just kept buying shots.  We were having a conversation with her, I don't remember much about her other than she had lots of black curly hair...and I remember her being a really nice I wasn't so sure of my own sexuality I would have been questioning myself last night.  I remember telling the girl I liked her.  I didn't mean it in a sexual way, I just thought she was a sweet girl but she told me she liked me and I told her...Now I can just about remember this but this morning when I woke out of my haze I remembered this conversation and then thinking what on earth was I doing, the poor girl was probably thinking you drunken fool haha.

Prior to that my friend and I went on a mini bar crawl.  From what I remember...and that isn't much...we went into 6 bars.  The afternoon and night was basically the two of us putting the world to rights, people watching and basically drinking my body weight in alcohol haha.

It's safe to say it was messy, and I passed out when I got home.  I woke up this morning and I am pretty sure I was still drunk this morning.  I found my clothes in a heap in the corner, my shoes were wet through, turns out it was raining quite heavily last night haha.

Today has been pretty much a write off and I have not done anything other than drink litres and litres of water and eating...oh and I fell asleep.

So my weekend is over and it's back to work tomorrow!!! 

Oh's nearly the weekend again right???

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  1. Yep sounds exactly like my weekend except we started at 8pm Saturday night...what started off as a meal and few drinks turned into cripplingly my feet crazy dancing with the BF in rev's! NOT SURE WHERE EVERYONE ELSE WENT HA! spent the entire yesterday in my fella's superman pants and his top! i was foot lose and baby free1 UNTIL 6PM LAST NIGHT! HA