Sunday, 7 July 2013


What are the British known for?

Cue a list of stereotypes right?

  • Bad Food?
  • Bad Teeth?
  • Bad Weather?
I'm sure there's an even longer list but I'm pretty sure they're the main ones.

We're not known for our sporting domination in...well any sport!! 

What is our National sport?
  • Football (Soccer)? we are terrible at that on a National level!! 
  • Rugby? Does anyone outside of the Commonwealth Countries, France, Italy and South Africa really know anything about Rugby? 
  • Cricket? Zzzzzzzzz.....yup even I fell asleep at the thought of that!!
 So who knows..I think we are/were world champions at tiddlywinks at some point so maybe it's that!!! haha I don't know.

But today...the 7th day of the 7th month, 77 years since a British male won the Wimbledon Men's Singles Final...British tennis player Andy Murray is in his 7th Grand Slam Final attempting to prevent Novak Djokovic from winning his 7th Grand Slam title.

Well....the sun is shining very brightly today!! Murray has relatively decent teeth (his girlfriend has great teeth so by default it passes onto Andy haha) and Wimbledon is associated with the great food of strawberries and cream...soooooo if this Wimbledon Men's Final goes the right way today we may just have tennis as our new National Sport hahahaha.

The first half of this blog was written during the match!

The second half is being written at the end of the match and all I have to say is....



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