Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Tomorrow night is girls night!! :-)

I'm having dinner with the girls from work.  All of us that are going are all single (apart from one girl but we'll let her join our secret club for the purpose of dinner haha).

I have to say I'm really looking forward to the night.  None of us will be drinking because we are all driving and we quite literally will all be driving off in opposite directions to each other.  One of the girls is on holiday this week and she wants to meet up for dinner...she clearly misses us that much haha.

What I am looking forward to is just being able to sit and talk about life and poke fun at our failed attempts to find boyfriends haha.  The girl with a boyfriend can join in because she is waiting for the ring on her finger and every anniversary or momentous occasion (so basically any day that ends in a Y qualifies as a momentous occasion these days haha) we are always asking if her boyfriend has proposed haha.  I am the youngest out of the group and even I am giving up the ghost of ever finding the right guy these days haha.  The other girls range from a couple of years older than me to around 9 years older than me so they always tell me that if I have given up on finding Mr Right then they have no hope haha...(although in typical girl fashion, we're all secretly hoping for that one guy that sweeps us off our feet haha).

Of course we are being dramatic and girls and saying these things for effect and to be funny...but it always sparks a funny conversation which then moves on to a graphic conversation hahaha...the team is all girls, what would anyone expect? haha.

So tomorrow night is going to be a case of gorging on yummy food and girls gossiping away.  However with that it means that I am working late tomorrow night.  I have an office day to get to grips with new cases despite this I'll be working until 7pm!!  I am a girl who likes her food haha and I plan on eating my own body weight in food tomorrow night (ok that's a little excessive but you get my point haha)...but I am going to have to make sure I have lots of fruit with me tomorrow because by 7.30pm I'm going to be soooooo hungry haha.

I also seem to have been unofficially been newly appointed the social events coordinator for the team at work.  It's stuff that I love doing, looking at all the different places and different events for us to do.  I have taken on a new challenge for the group which will see us going away together for the weekend.  Lets just say, it's going to be a lot of fun, and a messy time haha.

I think about my friends both in and out of work and the things we get up to and I actually find myself smiling away.  Weird? haha probably but the last day or two has kind of confirmed what I already friends are amazing!!   The girls at work make the day so much fun, we have a closeness that is amazing, we talk about literally everything, constantly make fun of each other but always protecting each other.  In the last day or so I have acquired a work wife, lesbian life partner and a mistress!!! haha...that's just an indication of the randomness of our team.  One of the other girls called another girl in our team the "Team bike" because she's been dating a couple of guys over the last 12 months!! I think it takes a special set of people who work together to truly get the humour in which some of the stuff is said.  We never mean any malice in what we say it's just pure fun!

Yesterday I was working away and my friend came into the office really quickly and I heard "Caite, Caite, you left some paper work in our office, I need you to come to the office quickly".  In typical Caite Morgan style I looked over at the door where my friend was stood, I was so confused! I didn't remember leaving paperwork anywhere!!  But me being me, got up from my desk and walked down the corridor with my friend linking arms with me.  He then stood in the corridor in view of one of the other rooms of our building.  He made a gesture with his eyes saying look into the room and tell me what you think, hot or what???.   I looked in and there were too guys there!! haha...he was talking about the more muscly and taller guy!  He really didn't do it for me!  Not because he was tall and muscly but his face didn't do it for me!! haha.  My friend was disgusted that I didn't like his choice in crush and called me a disgrace haha.  We then got onto discussing ideal men!  I told him that if this man came my way and said "Caite, I want you", I would be telling him...Not a problem haha.

Adam Richman...of Man Vs Food fame...LOVE HIM!!!
Hmmmm....what are my chances of meeting this gorgeous man and take myself off the list of singletons at work? hahaha.  Until then maybe I should rename my blog "Life as Caite Morgan: the ramblings of the eternally single girl"  hahaha.

I'm going to end this with a couple of songs that I am loving at the minute.  None of them are new but just ones that make sense right now :-)

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