Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Ugh! I hate when my Mum is right haha.

It is true!! I have a kidney infection and boy do I know about it.

I am hurting, I have pain in my back and round my side, I am soooo tired and I feel like my body is just shutting down on me!!  Not fun times and I even had to leave work early today and I spent much of the afternoon asleep.  I feel like I could sleep all night tonight.

I have antibiotics and was told by the Doctor that if I didn't start to feel better in 3 days and/or if I developed a temperature then I may need to go to hospital and have antibiotics pumped into me intravenously.  I hope that the antibiotics I have been given start to work because the last thing I need is a short stay in hospital.

Before I left work today I got paid one of, if not the best compliment that I could ask to be given when it comes to my job.  One of my colleagues was giving me an update of something that had happened this morning regarding one of my cases which she had been overseeing for me.  She told me that she had been speaking to one of the Carers about me and how she had said to the carer that she was really glad that the children in question had me as their worker.  She went on to say that she had said that some workers do the bare minimum and take the easy option when it comes to getting outcomes for children.  She then said "but Caite isn't like that she fights for what is right for the children and in the best interests of the children, she's not afraid to go against the grain and tell people what needs to happy for the children to be safe and protected...and I'm really glad these children have Caite as their worker because Caite has some balls of steel and she doesn't back down if it's the right thing for the children".  My colleague said to me the carer leaned over to her and said "I agree, I'm glad they have Caite because she is good!!!".  I honestly could have cried when I heard that (I blame the kidney infection for my emotional state haha) because I genuinely do feel I work in the best interests in children.  I'm not interested in being a Manager's favourite, I'm not devastated if I'm not liked by professionals if I challenge them because it means I am doing my job and the children get what they need in life.

I'm still on my very bitter search for a "Caitlin" Coke bottle and was sooooo sour today when I found this today!!

Really??? It's a lovely name but is that reeeeally more popular in the UK than Caitlin? I beginning to think Coke have got some sort of beef with my name!! haha.  I feel this is starting to become an obsession of mine haha....


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  2. Haha not found my name on a coke bottle either! Glad I stumbled on your blog from the blog hop

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