Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Uh Ohhhhh!!

I'm in trouble with my Mum haha.

I called her earlier asking her for some medical advice (My mama is a Nurse).  I gave her my symptoms to which she sighed at me and told me it sounded like I may have a kidney infection!

Mum: "Caite you need to make an appointment to see the Doctor"
Me: "It will have to wait until Friday at the earliest then Mum"
Mum: "That's no good, if you have an infection in your kidneys then you need to get it treated straight away"
Me: "I know but I'm in Court tomorrow, have a student with me and then on Thursday I'm on duty"
Mum: "I understand that but what use are you to people you're supposed to be helping if you're not well yourself and you only end up making yourself worse".

....silence...she had me on that one...dammit...hate it when she's right haha.

Looks like I'll be making an appointment tomorrow!!! 

It's pretty quiet in our office at the minute because it's the summer holidays so a few people are on leave from work.  The rest of us in the office don't seem to have much motivation at the minute but we are still managing to have a laugh together and earlier today one of the girls who is relatively new to the team turned round and said "this office is full of nothing but periods, pregnancy tests and sex"...I don't know what she means...I mean we ALWAYS talk about whats for lunch every day without fail...and dieting of course...we are team of girls after all...haha.

One of the other single girls and I were talking today about how we have basically given up on men haha.  I know, I'm 25 I have all the time in the world right? But my friend and I have basically come to the conclusion that we work in a female dominated field and we spend so much time at work that we are never going to find someone to share life's adventures with.  We're not even talking about the world's greatest love affair or serious commitment type relationship, we're talking just someone to hang out with, do stuff with like go out to dinner, have movie nights together etc.  We have had this heart to heart a couple of times because my friend is really finding it difficult because she feels that she will never find someone.  Me, on the other hand, I just get on with things.  I don't dwell on it too much and figure if that kind of life is meant to be for me it will happen when it happens.  I just focus on the things I can control...doing well in my career, having a good family and a group of friends.  

One thing I wish I could control is Coca-cola and their advertising campaign they have going on here.  Yep, I'm an advertisers dream!  I fall hook line and sinker for some campaigns.  No more so than the "Share your diet coke with...." campaign.  This is where Coke have started putting people's names on the bottles.  Or have a general one with "friends" on it.
Cue lots of girls like me buying Diet Coke and looking for their name being printed on it...apart from me!!  My name - Caitlin... does not feature in the UK's 250 most popular names! WHAT...EVER!!! I don't believe that for a second.  I'm not naive enough to think that there will ever be a Caite but Caitlin? come on!! Yeah there's a Kate and Katie...AND...a Katy but nope no Caitlin.  I know people pronounce Caite either Kate or Katie but that's not good enough for me haha.  When my friend and I are at work and head to the store to get lunch, she manages to find her name (yay for her!! I'm not bitter...at all!!)...then she tries to make me feel better by saying..."Caite, you have one with my name on it, orrrrr do you know a...." and then reels off all the names she sees!! This just makes me even morrrrre sour that there is no Caitlin.

So today I had to settle for this...ugh...

If you're reading this Coca-Cola (ok, I know they're not but I can pretend) get your act together and...GET A CAITLIN!!!!! Everyone needs a Cait(e)lin haha.

Is your name on the list??? Coca-cola Find your name

Because my Mama has moaned at me for not being well, I decided to do a little pampering tonight...used my favourite skin care products, whitened my teeth, made myself a nice dinner and about to relax to watch two of my favourite shows.

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