Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Caitlin does exist!! hahaha!!! Yaaaaaaaaay! haha


Today is a GREAT day!! The search is finally over!! Thanks to one fantastic person I now know it's truuuuue  there is one of these actually out there!!!

Now I know I was never going to find a Caite!!! And Kate, Katy and Katie were just not good enough for me despite that being how you pronounce my name...But given my full first name is Caitlin and it's not even on the list of top 250 names here, I have been on a bitter and twisted journey with Coke about having all sorts of unique names on their list but no Caitlin.  But 13 clearly is my lucky number because on 13 August this little picture came into my life.  In the wonderful, beautiful Northern Ireland the Caitlin bottle exists!!!  It's amazing how such a simple thing has made my day!! I even did a little happy dance at work when I got the picture haha...and this perfect looking picture has been plastered all over my social media outlets today haha.

I felt a little better at work today having had a bit more sleep last night than the night before.  I am officially going to be a student, for the next year at least!  I am committing to the Masters Course a year at a time so that I can have a "get out" clause if I want to move jobs.  After all I have applied for a number of jobs around the world and at this stage in my life I don't want to commit too long to one particular job / service. But as of now while I'm working full time, I am going for a 2nd Masters Degree...and you know what the best part about being a student again?...getting a student union card for student discounts in stores and bars wooooooo!!!!!! haha.

I am so looking forward to this weekend.  I was talking to my Mama earlier today and she was asking me when I was planning on visiting her and my Step-Papa and when I was going to be visiting my Dad and Step-Mum.  It then dawned on me that I don't really have a free weekend now for a while.  I have a weekend away planned the weekend after this weekend coming up.  I'm going to a music festival that weekend, the weekend after that I am going on a night out with people from work for a friends leaving party and me and a couple of the girls have a booked a hotel for the night because it's cheaper to stay over than get taxi's home...and it means we don't have to worry about getting home and if it gets a little messy...although I need to make sure that I don't break my toe again this time hahaha.  The weekend after that some friends and I are going away again for the weekend and I have a feeling that trip will be messy haha.  Right now I think I have a free weekend in a months time but then it gets busy again after that haha.

With my social calendar pretty jam packed for the next few weekends my Mama said to me "I think you need go and spend the weekend with your Dad and everyone there, we have seen you a lot more than your Dad".  She was right!! (Didn't I say in a previous post I hate it when my Mama is right because it's seeming like a regular occurrence right now and I am really not liking this!! haha). So I am going to the Welsh Valleeeeeeeeys and I'm heading to see my Dad, Step-Mum and Foster Brother and Sister. 

It's actually pretty good timing because even though I send my brother and sister care packages weekly without fail, I always buy them new things for school.  It's the summer holidays right now and they have 6 weeks off school and in September they go back for the new school year and ever since they have been living with my Dad and Step-Mum I have always bought them a new school bag, crayons, pencils, pencil cases etc.  We always make a big day of it, we go for something to eat...including ice cream...and lots of it with lots of toppings haha...and then we go shopping and if there's time we usually fit in something like bowling.  If we don't have time for bowling we'll do something at home together such as baking cookies or muffins and then we eat them while we are in our pyjamas snuggled up together on the sofa (usually one of them at each side of me) watching TV or a movie.  

I have to say I'm really looking forward to getting away from it all for the weekend because I have seen the return of the party girl over the last week or two and I love being in the countryside and relaxing. Having realised how hectic life is about to get with university, work and socialising and some more traveling that I have planned, I am going to be in need of a relaxing weekend.

Although I say that I am going to be having a relaxing weekend, it doesn't mean an alcohol free weekend haha...I learnt all my party and drinking lessons from my family (both sides of my family haha)...As you can see my family love to have a good time!!!

Over the last few weeks / months a lot of my blog posts have mentioned the conversations I have with friends at work about singledom and finding the right guy.  I'm going to finish this blog with a little conversation that I had with one of the children I am the Worker for at work.  He's 6 years old...

6 year old boy: "Caite let me take a picture of you"
Me: "Ok" (pretending to pose for a picture with a toy camera)
6 year old boy: "ohhhhh Caite you broke the camera"
Me: "oh what, no wayyyyy".....
what hope do I have in life when a 6 year old is telling me my face broke the camera haha


  1. LOL at the spoon on the nose picture, how fun!!

    My daughter's middle name is Katelyn and she can never find anything spelled that way. :)

    Happy weekend to you, I'm visiting from the "Lovin my weekend" hop.

  2. Hey My name is Caitlin I saw your coke picture on Google!