Monday, 19 August 2013

Counting down the days....

As always a trip home to see my Dad, Step Mum and siblings was great but went by way too quickly.  

It was fun catching up with my friends on Friday night...I haven't been able to see them for a while so a few drinks and dinner was pretty great...

All smiles being home for the weekend!!! - Friday night's dinner!!!

 ...and then Saturday was sibling day!  

We had a lot of fun going for breakfast and then onto the mission of buying my brother and sister school stuff.  We ended up with a lot of Ben 10 stuff for my brother and then some form of Princess stuff for my sister.  

We got lunch boxes, school bags, crayons, pencils, pencil cases, books and a couple of t-shirts.  We didn't have time to go bowling this time so we stopped by the supermarket and picked up some stuff to make cookies with.

Making cookies is always fun with those two because they both insist on getting involved and trying to mix the dough together but get bored halfway through and then it's left to me to finish off.  We ended up with two bags of chocolate chips so that they could both add the "best bit" into the mixture haha.

My sister is currently going through an obsession of how things cook and end up the way they do when they are cooked so she literally sat in front of the oven watching the cookie dough flatten itself down and counted down the minutes until the cookies were ready haha.  Me and my brother think it was so she didn't have to help put the dishes in the dishwasher and clean up haha.

Here are our master pieces....

We ordered pizza, got into our PJs and then ate pizza and then tried out our cookies.  They were pretty great even if I do say so myself haha

I love spending time with my little siblings and I never get to do it as much as I would like to but it was a lot of fun.

When I headed back home I pretty much sang all the way back!  Yep, I'm that girl you pass in the car singing away at the top of her lungs...Yup, I'm that girl who likes to dance away in the drivers seat when I'm stuck in a traffic jam...and Yup, I'm the girl with no shame haha.

I just got home from dinner with a friend and boy am I so full!  I stuffed my face with steak, chips, onion rings, peas and mushrooms...and even managed room for dessert.  In true Caite fashion I order a dessert that has a choice of custard or ice cream with it...I didn't want either of those.  I wanted my friend went to the bar and ordered and even though the man was disgusted at the idea that I was asking for something off the menu (if you don't ask, you don't get right? haha), he reluctantly told her that they had some cream.  While we were waiting for the desserts to arrive we were laughing and joking that they were probably going to spit in my food just to teach me a lesson...I won't go into the details but we were pretty graphic and I laughed so hard I almost...not quite...but almost lost the mouthful of my drink down my face classy!!

I'm on count down for the weekend.  It's a long weekend this weekend and I'm heading off to this...

It is going to be so much fun!  I'm also excited to see one of my best male friends - Matt!  I haven't seen him since before Christmas and he's one of those friends where you can go a while without talking to each other but as soon as you're catching up it's as though you've never been apart!  He is my friend from university and we have always been good friends.  We have never dated and have never had any interest in each other like that.  I remember the first few days of being away at uni at 18 years old...sat up until the small hours just talking about how we were from such close knit families and circles of friends at home and how weird it was to be away from home and everything we knew and the whole adjusting thing.  We have so much fun together and I know the other girls (my housemates) are equally as excited to see him.  My Mum LOVES him too!! haha!! 

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  1. Those cookies look delicious!! Have fun this weekend!

    I found out about you through 20SB, you have an amazing blog :)