Sunday, 11 August 2013

Going back to work for a rest haha

Last night was a lot of fun again and it was another late night!!  I have decided that I am now on a no partying ban and no alcohol for a little while...OK that might not happen or stay in place for long but it's the thought that counts right?

Today I have started as I mean to go on and I have kicked my life and Sunday into touch haha.  I have been out this morning running a few errands and buying scone / pastry cutters.  I then went on a 2 mile walk to get rid of some of the alcohol in my system from the last few days.  The weather was perfect for walking, not too hot and a little bit of wind.  I usually time myself to see how I do and I was pretty impressed that it took me a little less than 40 minutes.  I'll be doing it all over again tomorrow as well.

I decided to turn my afternoon into a bit of a domestic goddess afternoon and made some scones...using my new cutters of course haha.  I'm looking forward to eating my scones with some raspberry jam and clotted cream!! Yummy! haha.

I fell asleep after my domestic goddess stint and boy did I sleep hard!! I could easily have fallen back asleep and slept the rest of the night away.

The last few nights when I have been out having drinks and dancing with my friends I have been ensuring that I have been drinking my drinks through a straw.  My friends make fun of me for it all the time but I don't care haha. I have a dental appointment tomorrow and I hope my Dentist appreciates the efforts I have gone to make sure my teeth stay clean and white haha.  I make no secret that I whiten my teeth.  I have also started using a whitening toothpaste too which I didn't think would be very good but I have to say I have been very surprised that it has helped with keeping my teeth white!!  

These old things of mine are having a check up tomorrow...hope Harry (my dentist) is happy with my teeth haha
I'm pretty happy it's Monday tomorrow because I am going back to work for a rest haha...isn't it usually the other way  round? People look forward to the end of the working week to have a rest from work? hahaha.

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