Thursday, 22 August 2013

Hello my name is Caite and....

...and today I ate McDonalds!!!

I want to say I feel bad about eating McDonalds for lunch but the fact is...I don't haha! 

It was a much needed rubbish food related lunch but I enjoyed it! 

I was in a pissy mood this morning because I was so tired and my Manager was being such an idiot and by the time I had come out of Court it was almost lunch time and I couldn't be bothered to battle with people sauntering down the aisles of the supermarket to get something for lunch.  I called ahead to the office and asked my friend if she wanted to partake in such rebellious behaviour!  It was liiiiiike music to her ears haha...and we even managed to get our other friend to join in haha.

While I was in Court for work this morning I was catching up with one of the girls that had left to work for another place (we have her leaving party next weekend) and our barrister was with us and pretty much laughing at us with how much we were gossiping about things going on in the place I work.  As we were chatting away our barrister asked "Which one of you smells nice? I can smell perfume and it's very nice".  We didn't know which one of us it was so we both stuck out our wrists for him to smell and it was my perfume!! He asked me what perfume it was...the smart arse in me always seems to come out with "witty" remarks and I said "eau de had my yearly shower".  I genuinely don't seem to be able to help myself some days haha but he came back with "I prefer eau de had my yearly bath on a girl but that one smells very nice". Was he flirting??? haha. I have to say all I could respond with was "good comeback, I applaud you!!".

The afternoon at work turned into the usual girlie gossiping and a bit of an impromptu re-arranging of the office.  A couple of the girls decided to move some of the stuff around the office to make the most of the space we have in our office.  It was hilarious watching one of the girls go off on a mini rant about the mess she found under desks that weren't being used and at one point we found a pair of roller blades!!! We have no clue where these things had come from.

This week seems to have dragged, normally my weeks whizz by but this week it's just seemed to go so slow.  I think it's because I have always thought it was a day ahead of what it actually was because I'm looking forward to the weekend.  This weekend I will be MIA from blogging because it is Creamfields!! I am looking forward to a weekend away and a weekend of music, drinks and fun with my friends.  This week has been pretty stressful at work and I can't wait for a chance to relax and not worry about things for a few days.  My intention is to forget about the world and put my life on almost complete shut down and just enjoy myself.

...I simply cannot wait!!

Enjoy the weekend! :-)

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  1. You ate at McDonald's today? That's a huge coincidence because I also ate there today.

    Have fun and enjoy Creamfields!