Monday, 12 August 2013

I don't care....I Love It!!!

I am soooooo tired.  My plan for an early night last night didn't exactly go to plan and I ended up having a late one.  4:30am I got to bed last night!  Not that I'm really complaining because I had the best night.  A night of funny stories, laughing, a lot of "I'm going to bed in the next 15 minutes" and sure enough another hour passed by and then another and then get the point haha.  It's rare to find someone in the world where you can talk and talk and when there was the odd silence it wasn't awkward, and there wasn't the need to fill the silences!!

This morning I was pretty much in my own world (more so than normal haha) and even struggled with the most basic of things at work like finding a box of staples for my stapler and actually knowing where I was going and what day it was haha...but regardless of that I had a smile on my face all day...even when my friend walked into the office and I had my eyes closed for a couple of seconds (I was not asleep, merely resting my eyes haha) I had a smile on my face.

As always the conversation in the office with the girls was colourful and hilarious as ever.  I am never sure how much detail I should go into on here about the conversations because I'm sure they're conversations a lot of girls have with their friends especially when it comes to making fun of each others love lives or non-existent ones in some of our cases but sometimes I think I would write too much haha.  Lets just say it covered a range of female related topics and some were more in depth and shall we say...graphic haha

One of the other things we talked about today was our next social activities and adventures.  One of my friends said she wanted us to do what my friends and I did a little while ago.  She wants us to pack our weekend cases, drive to our local airport and get the cheapest flights out of the country for the weekend and then when we get to our destination we'd figure out a place to stay, party the crap out of the weekend and then come home.  My friend knows I didn't need convincing for things like that and I'm more than ready for the unknown and the adventure.  There's a little bit of the unknown and to some extent randomness in my life at the minute but I don't care...I Love it!! (cue the Icona Pop song haha). It's what life is all about, the excitement of not knowing where events and situations take you, while I have a pretty routine life with my job and my day to day life but I love the adventures and spontaneity.

We're also trying to figure out a concert we can go to.  We were hoping to go to one particular concert but it's sold out near to us.  The concert is just a reason for the event, I think my friends plan was that we would have day and night of dinner and cocktails like we did at the last concert.  That was a great time!!

My dentist clearly didn't appreciate my efforts to keep my teeth nice and white, my appointment got rude!! haha.

I still took the opportunity to finish a little earlier than normal and got my 2 mile walk in before dinner...and then I made a pretty awesome dinner too and could quite happily eat it all over again tonight haha.

I'm about to watch one of the shows on TV that makes me cry without fail every time.  Long Lost Families. This is a show so close to my heart because of my job and I have first hand experience of making decisions that affect a child's life particularly adoption cases.  I am just so thankful that times have moved on and there is a much more robust and thorough process to allow children who have been adoption have a sense of identity and birth family history.  But I am a sucker for a good ending to a story and situation and I get very emotional and have a good cry when I watch the show. 

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