Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Kissing a lot of frogs!!!!

Today has been....busy!

I have just finished as much work as I can handle tonight.  I was on the go all day in the office whether it being out of the office having to do duty stuff or chained to my desk dealing with the mountain of paperwork, reports and statements I have to write.  That's pretty much what I have spent my evening doing...more paperwork.

My love life...or distinct lack of it was topic of conversation AGAIN today haha...it seems that I am a confusing "little bee" when it comes to me and men haha.  My friend was telling me about her weekend and how she had seen three of her exes and how she was currently dating a few guys at the minute and that this was the way forward for me.  My friend preceded to tell me I worked too hard and I need to start getting in the dating game because it was a travesty that someone that looked like me was single, didn't have a boyfriend and wasn't  ...and then she threatened me with speed dating again!! haha. She then carried on to tell me that I needed to kiss a lot of frogs before I met my prince....I loooooved that cliche it made me laugh so much.  The more she went on at me about it and the more encouragement from our other friends that she was right the more I had to give it thought.  

Is the right way for me to get my arse in gear and start dating a couple of guys at a time?  I didn't think it was me, it has just never sat right with me, I'm a bit of a hopeless romantic in that sense...I think of the most idealistic situations and scenarios and if it doesn't fit into those then I often don't see past them but if I don't move forward then...I'm going to end up a spinster and I'll be living in the Scottish Highlands with no one around for miles with just a million animals for company and I'll have a nickname from the nearish by locals as animal loving lady haha.  So now I have agreed to give this dating lark a go (I'm pretty sure I had my fingers crossed when I made the promise to my friend haha) I have to find the men willing to take me on a date...the question is...where the hell do I find these men...and the right men of course!!! haha.

I'm going out for a night out on Saturday I guess the words...watch this space...are particularly relevant at this point...especially as I'm still not convinced it is the right way forward for me haha.

Anywayyyyyy enough of that haha!!!

Today at work one of the girls complimented me on looking very fresh faced and that my make up had looked great all day!  I told her it was thanks to this...

Urban Decay All Nighter Make Up Setting Spray
I decided to give this product a try this weekend at the music festival and then see how it did when it was a normal day at work and I have to say I love this product.  I was a little reluctant at the thought of spraying something in my face like that and had all these ideas that it would be like spraying hair spray or something like that in my face but it really wasn't.  It was a light and felt like a face refresher spray and my make up has looked fresh and like I had just applied it all day, including when I got rained on at the weekend it didn't affect my make up!! I definitely recommend this product!!

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