Monday, 26 August 2013

Six Word Saturday....(a little late!!!)

I'm a little late in participating in this but I'm going to pretend it's Saturday haha...


A little play on the famous Shakespearean phrase but the so true! I went to a music festival and I had the most unbelievable time.  Friday night was a silent disco which was so much fun, I forget what time that finished but the drinks were flowing and the dancing my friends and I were doing was definitely a lot of fun and a lot of making of each other dancing haha.
After the silent disco we carried on the party at our tents having drinks and chatting! Friday night was fun but we all knew that Saturday was going to be amazing. 

Saturday didn't disappoint especially when we got to see....


I had the best weekend!! I drank a lot, I danced a lot, I laughed a lot and I had a lot of fun.  That is simply how I can describe it because I don't think any other words would do it any justice.

Unfortunately I had to come early from the festival and left in the afternoon on the Sunday.  One of my best friends (who is also my housemate) became quite ill.  Most people thought it was because she had over done it on the alcohol and partying but it wasn't to do with that.  I had told her that if she didn't feel any better by the afternoon I would drive her car home and I would go home with her.  I know I had been so excited for the weekend but my friend and her health is more important.  We already have a friend who is battling thyroid cancer so friends health is very important.

Get Well Soon Bestie xo

Besties :-)

This is how we roll....

...when we are going away for the weekend haha

This morning my wonderful Mama drove the 100 mile round trip to my house to check on my friend.  My Mama is a Nurse and so we had called her from the festival for advice and when she knew we were coming home she had decided she wanted to check if she was OK.  

In the whole helping my friend get better today has been a public / bank holiday and so I had the day off work...I made us both French Toast and Plum preserve and it was sooooo good (even if I do say so myself haha). I even continued my domestic goddess stint and made us chorizo macaroni cheese.  It was amazing and I'm not even sorry to say that we ate the whole thing between us haha.

This week is going to be a busy week!  I am back at work tomorrow and then Wednesday I'm going on a little roadtrip which should be a lot of fun.  I know my friends and I are looking forward to it.  Then the weekend is here again and I am going on a night out with people from work.  A couple of my friends and I have booked a hotel room in the city we are going out in so I am tempted to go there in the afternoon and treat myself to an afternoon nap and a little bit of pampering before getting ready to go out and before the other girls arrive.  This night out is pretty much a guaranteed fun yet messy night out.  This group of friends is the one I was out with when I broke my toe and ended up with cut up feet (yeah I was the idiot who took her shoes off in the bar because they were hurting and walked through the bar, out on to the street and into a food place barefoot).

Speaking of pampering my Mama is truly the best!! When she came to my house to see if my friend was doing OK, she was telling us that she had been looking at some deals on the internet and came across a spa day deal which included two treatments and use of the facilities in a 4 star hotel in the city I live in.  She paid for me and my two housemates to go for the spa day together and to enjoy some pampering and relaxation time.  Her words were "you girls have had a lot to deal with this year and you all work so hard to achieve the things you want so I saw the deal and thought you deserved a little treat".  I swear to god we all had tears in our eyes...we had a group hug and said a lot of thank you's to my Mama.

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