Wednesday, 25 September 2013

It's my mouth, I'll say what I want to!!!

Well I'm ashamed to say I haven't updated this thing in weeks and I'm sat at my friends house updating it now.

It's been a crazy time on a whole range of levels.  Professionally life has been a very trying and testing time and it has been and continues to be a demanding and crazy busy time.  I have really have been pushed to my limits and at some points I genuinely thought I would hitting meltdown territory.  I have an obscene amount of work to do and I am forever playing catch up.  I looked today and I carry a third more work than I am supposed to do.  It's crazy.  Hopefully things will start to ease up in the near future but I can't see it happening.

Personally...well where do I start! My friend who I have blogged about in the past as my inspiration as she had been battling cancer, has had the news that specialists think that the cancer may have returned.  We have been dealing with that information for a number of weeks now and we are doing all we can to make sure she knows we are there for her.  I feel guilty because I have been so busy with work and don't always feel I have been there for her.

A short while ago my Step Mum had to have open heart surgery to remove a cyst from inside her heart, thankfully she is making a full recovery but it was a scary time for us.

As if all that wasn't enough one of my closest friends at work's Mum is being tested to find out if she  has stomach cancer.  My friend is seriously fragile at the moment and has needed a lot of support recently.  Thankfully I have seen her at work every day so I feel I have been able to be supportive for her.

I am in need of a break away from my day to day life and I am so looking forward to this weekend.  I'm going away for a two night break with friends from work.  I know I say I need a break from day to day life and these are the people I see most in my daily life (apart from my housemates of course) but we all seem to be in pretty much the same position at the minute.  We have hired a place for the weekend and we are basically going to relax and have a good time together.  We have a lot of food and drink planned and most of all....a lot of fun!!!  We are a mixed group from a married girl, a girl who lives with her boyfriend to singletons haha...and my status? we all know from my blog that that is always a bad topic haha.

We have been talking about this weekend non stop from going skinny dipping in the lake, running through the woods doing blair witch project, playing on the children's play area to living in our onesies to a couple of the girls wondering if we'll find a hot group of guys on a weekend away haha.  All I can say is I cannot wait.  I need head clearing time and what looks like moving on time because I'm exhausted with and from the battles in my life.  I'm a girl who will stand up for herself and I won't be bullied into something and I won't take people telling me I'm this or that and attacking me and so if there is drama in my life and that person doesn't want to talk to me properly without demanding and attacking then I can't do anything about it.  I'm not going to be made to feel like I'm worthless...I know I'm worth more than that.  It's a shame though because while I have to listen everything that person has to say the same is not given to me, there's an expectation on me to give that person everything they need before they budge and the girl I am and the beliefs I have don't allow me to give in so easily.  It's sad but it's life...if I feel I'm not being listened to and fairly understood then I shut down and in the words of little Miley...It's my mouth, I'll say what I want to!! ;-)

Anywayyyyy....It's almost October and I can't believe how quick the last few months have passed.  The weather is getting much colder which in one respect is great because I love this time of year because it means being able to wear chunky sweaters and lots of comfy clothes aaaaand it means that there will Christmas markets and continental markets springing up everywhere in a few weeks...I can't wait.  I know posting old pics is usually on Thursdays as part of throwback Thursdays but I'm going to post pics from Christmas Markets from the last year or two.

and then after the Christmas Market we hit a vodka bar and it got...well...messy haha


And now it's time to go and blow off steam!! I have pretty much worked 10 hours again today and I've had enough tonight!! It's time to have a good time for the rest of the night.


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  2. Health issues are some of the hardest to deal with, and it sounds like you've gotten your fair share of heavy to last quite a while with friends and family. I'm glad to hear your step-mom is okay!

    I'm your latest follower, visiting today from Fun Friday.