Saturday, 19 October 2013

Pamper day and a good night in :-)

Again I'm sucking at this updating thing haha.

Life is always so busy that I just don't seem to get time to update as much as I'd like.

So tonight I am having a night in with my two housemates and it's fantastic.  We are in our onesies and having a few drinks as we watch Saturday night TV.  I couldn't think of a better thing to do tonight.  I went out last night and I had a great time but tonight I'm so happy to be home on a Saturday night.  I need a nice relaxing night, which is what I'm getting...I can't say I'm completely sober because the drinks have been flowing tonight as we have relaxed but I am feeling pretty good.

Today I had a make up lesson with a make up artist from a big brand.  I am the kind of girl who feels awkward being on show when I'm having something done in public. My housemate is much more confident in the whole people seeing her on display for everyone to see as they walked in.  However  I was sat in a department store with my face having no make up on and then having a make over feeling self conscious.  I relaxed as time went on and I was really happy with the result.  My housemate and I went for one particular thing that my housemate wanted and both ended up with mini make overs. Obviously with the make overs there were a number of products that were used on us...and as we were so pleased with our make up we ended up buying the products.  So between us we basically spent almost £200 on products (there weren't too many products for that money). Crazy I know but the products did really make a huge difference and we were both really pleased with the results of our make over.  We both had pretty stressful weeks at work so we decided that a little splurge on something was OK. 

My life at work is starting to ease up a little bit thankfully because I have been crazy busy and it's been a hellish time and I have been stressed and bordering on miserable.  I have been working day and night on stuff that has needed to be done, my Manager got the brunt end of my miserable mood when he tried to make light of things and told me I don't do much work! Oh boy did he get an nasty stare and a "don't even go there" kind of look haha.

I'm really looking to update my blog and the style of my blog.  I have no idea what I want it to look like but although I don't update it very often at the minute, I have invested a lot of time into this thing. and it desperately needs a fresh look...any suggestions as to who could help me with re-vamping this thing please let me know!!

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