Monday, 21 October 2013

The alarm went off far too soon this morning...

...I don't know why but last night I struggled to fall asleep which is weird because I was actually really tired.  So when the alarm went off this morning I just let it go off and off aaaaand off and I ignored it pretending it wasn't there because I was finally comfy and didn't want to get out of bed.  At one point I gave myself a pep talk about getting up and the end result sticking one foot out of the bed and on the floor as the rest of me lay under my duvet...that constitutes getting out of bed right? haha

I eventually managed to get my sorry backside out of bed and was very slow this morning in getting ready.  At 9:10am I was happily singing away in the car (I was teaching Katy Perry a thing or two on how to sing her latest song - Roar haha) when my boss interrupted and called me...he asked me if I was in work and I was all "ummmm no" and then he asked if I was running which I replied "ummmm noooo...I mean yessss?"...I wasn't sure I should tell him that I was actually sat at home tending to my farm.

Yup that's right my farm!! No I haven't changed professions nor have I moved back to the country but instead I have been sucked into the game on my phone that is sweeping my friends at the minute...building a farm, harvesting crops, feeding animals, making cakes, butter, you name it, I can probably make it haha.  It's starting to become an obsession!! I don't want to miss my boat orders (yeah that's right my farm is by a river that a cargo boat comes down and stops at my farm for orders)...this thing is getting so bad that I have woken up in the middle of the night before and I've checked my farm...I wish I could say I need to get out more but I have a pretty good social life obsession with my farm game continues!! haha!!

I did some work with a teenager and I have to say instead of her kicking off and going on the rampage she was actually pretty funny.  She asked me a million of questions.  The best ones were "How do you get your hair extensions looking like that?" to which I just looked at her and laughed and said "my what?" she then responded with "your hair extensions, your hair isn't real is it, no-one's hair is really that long and nice".  I couldn't help but laugh at her when I told her my hair was allllll my own and then she proceeded to inspect my scalp and my hair to look for hair extensions haha.
All my owwwwwn hair :-)
 Then she said to me "let me look at your eyes"...a bit freaked out I sat in front of her and showed her my eyes. She said to me "I can't see anything", to which I asked her "what are you looking for? a line around my eye where they cut it when I have laser eye surgery?"...."YEEEESSSSSS" was what I was greeted with haha. I had to explain to her that my eyes had healed and there were no visible signs of me having had eye surgery and that I no longer needed contact lenses or glasses...she was amazed by it haha.

Tonight I'm pretty happy that I got home from work pretty early AND I didn't bring my work laptop home tonight so I can relax with the girls.  We decided we weren't going to have a drink throughout the week until the weekend but lo and behold when I opened the fridge when I got home I saw a couple of bottles of wine and a few bottles of Sweden's finest chilling in there. Looks like the girls had plans of giving in to our plan...and of course I'll have so much willpower and resist....who am I kidding? haha.


  1. you are SO pretty! Such lovely hair, I'd be peeking for any evidence of extensions too lol it's so nice! :) x

  2. You do have seriously gorgeous hair! What's your secrets? We just found your blog through the blog hop and followed u on GFC. We hope u will check out ours sometime too! We have a beauty blog! (Thats why we asked what your secrets are for your gorgeous hair!)